Completing our final products

Eagles have been through the process of designing  and making the exterior of their night lights, today Eagles worked carefully to understand and use electrical systems in their products . To make their night lights work they first connected up their Crumble Microcontrollers

They then had to apply their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control their products. 


They did this buy writing their own code using the Crumble software and loading it onto the Micro-Controller. Notice their use of repetition, careful sequencing of instructions and inputting the correct variable. 

To ensure their product was working as desired they tested it in a dark room.


Interested in Crumble Micro-controllers? Click here for their official website




After discussing and designed their nightlights, the children have started to create them this week using cardboard. They will be decorating them using their own designs and then using the Crumble kit next week to make them light up! How exciting! 


DT Project

Year 6 have started a brand new DT project this term. The children are working in small groups to design and make their very own night lights. So far, the children have looked at a set of code for a nightlight and discussed what it makes the light do and have designed what they want their night lights to look like. They are super excited to start making them! 

Online Relationships

In our online safety lesson this term we discussed online relationships and what is and is not appropriate to share online. 
We had lots of interesting discussions about what is and is not suitable to be shared online. The children said that nothing should be shared that contains personal information, photographs with uniform or photographs without permission. 
The children then had to write a letter as an ‘Agony Aunt’ in response to a child with a problem who was seeking advice. 


To kick off their new topic in science, Year 6 looked at the composition of blood. As part of this lesson, they had a go at making their own models of blood using different objects to represent different things. Inside of this jar we have red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma and haemoglobin. 
Did you know that it is the substance called haemoglobin that gives your blood it’s red colour?  

~Online Fraud

In PSHE recently Year 6 have been exploring online fraud. Over a series of two lessons the children looked at different types of online fraud, decided whether scenarios were likely to be online fraud and even had a go at sporting some fake emails and websites! The children were all very good at this and definitely know what to look out for!