Walter Tull

Back in October the children started to study Walter Tull for Black History Month. Walter Tull was a professional footballer and fought as a soldier in World War One. The children loved learning about him! We started by reading a book which was a scrapbook of his life. We then completed some online research, created a timeline of his life and then finally the children created a double-page spread to show what they had learnt about him. They have taken a while to complete but are now finished and looking amazing!

DT- Taste Testing

In preparation for their cooking soon, the children taste tested some modern vegetable pasties – Bombay potato and spinach pasties. There was quite a divide of opinions in the classroom. A lot of the children thought it was delicious, whereas others thought it was too spicy. The children will soon be planning their own vegetable pasties.



During Anti-Bullying week Year 6 took part in lots of different check-ins and activities. We discussed who we could go to for support if we felt bullying was taking place, what kind words had been said to us during the week and more!

We also took part in a special anti-bullying live lesson and a Children in Need mood booster! This was a great way to end such an important week.

The Highwayman Poem

Year 6 have recently finished their writing unit based on The Highwayman Poem. Throughout the unit, the children have been spending time learning the words of the poem. Here you can watch the children performing it.

Don’t worry be happy

The next song we have looked at in music was ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin. We spoke about the song as a class and compared it to our unit song.
Seth said that the song made him feel happy and was all about happiness.
Dehwa said the song reminded him of the beach.
Paige and Charlie both said that the song made them feel calm and relaxed.
For the rest of our music lesson we played some rhythm games, practised our singing and starting improvising using the glockenspiels.

‘On Top of the World’

Year 6 are enjoying music lessons this term. They listened to and appraised the song ‘On Top of the World’ by the Carpenters.
The children enjoyed the song and said it was similar to our unit song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, because they are both about feeling happy with yourself and the world around you.
Ryan said that it reminded him of Christmas and feeling happy.
The children then played some rhythm games with the glockenspiels before learning to play the song.