After taste-testing the pasties, Year 6 continued their DT cooking unit.
The children were first required to design their own products after their research. This included the ingredients, flavours and even the final design of their pasty!
We then discussed the importance of storing all of our ingredients correctly using our knowledge of micro-organisms after writing out our ingredient and equipment lists.
The children then had to write out the instructions for creating their pasties before having a full day of cooking and evaluating.
During the cooking experience, the children had to demonstrate lots of different skills:
  • Measuring ingredients accurately (in order to create the pastry)
  • Chopping and peeling their vegetables
  • Boiling and draining vegetables
  • Seasoning and mixing their filling
After all of that hard work, the children were finally able to taste the delicious pasties that they had made. There were some divided opinions, but most of the children enjoyed what they had made.

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