Exploring light and reflection

Year 6 have started their science unit this week – light and electricity.

So far the children have explored light and reflection. During the first lesson the children discussed what light is, different types of light sources and how light helps us to see things. The chidden have demonstrated their understanding of how light enables us to see things through drawing some brilliant diagrams and writing explanations.

In the second lesson, the children explored reflection. They had an opportunity to investigate reflection using a torch, irrelevant and a target piece of paper. After they had spent time exploring, the children were introduced to a periscope. This is a device that enables people to see around, under and above different objects/obstructions. Again, the children did a fantastic job of demonstrating their understanding of what they had learnt with some fantastic work.

As we currently can’t provide children with the opportunity to share their excellent work in assemblies like we usually would, I thought I would share some of the excellent work below.

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