‘The Cave’ Writing Task

Rishita’s Writing
I rushed deeper and deeper into the cave. ​What could it be? A series of wails echoed through the cave but I couldn’t make out where the creature was. Water slowly trickled down the walls of the cavern. The sounds had ceased and there was no other option but to leave. I turned around to go but the tunnel had disappeared completely. How could I get back to my mum and younger sister, Grace? There was no choice but to continue going forward – deeper into the cave.

After what seemed like hours of being trapped inside, I came to a halt in front of three tunnels which each led to different places – it was exactly like my favourite game Troll Hunters except there were no trolls or were there. I decided to take the middle tunnel as two is my lucky number. I continued walking until I came to a deadend. Once again I turned around to go but the tunnel I had just come from had sealed up. What should I do now?

There was no way out ;I was trapped.

Come on Bailey, think what would Sherlock Holmes do if he was here? Of course there was light in the tunnel meaning… My head shot up ,like a bullet, and stared at the ceiling in the cave. There was a small hole just big enough for me to climb through. Thanks to my rock climbing classes, I hastily managed to climb the coarse walls. It was a tight squeeze but it was worth it as when I got out the hole, I woke up to find myself in a hospital bed. My mum told me that during the caving tour the rocks had fallen down on me and I had lost consciousness but I was safe now.

Dalila’s Writing
Rhiannon took one step closer to the famous cave. It was dead silent, you could have heard a pin drop. As she took another step everything around her went darker and darker until Rhi could no longer see through her glasses. She took one last step and then that’s when she heard it: the scream. The missing girl’s scream.

Sneha’s Writing
I woke up to find myself in a grim cave. It was quiet. I was alone. I didn’t know where I was, but all I remember was walking into this dark, Gloomy and damp cave. It was silent. All you could hear was water dripping onto the cold, hard ground. Suddenly, there was a loud, long shriek that pierced the silence. That was all I remembered. At that very moment, I felt something run down my head. Blood. I was knocked out. But who could have down this? I came here for a fun hike, and now I have to solve a mystery. How fun! When I got to my feet, I found a note on the one of the cave wall. It read ‘Come to the place, where darkness lurks around undisturbed.’ Where darkness lurks undisturbed? The back of the cave. The dark doesn’t meet the light. As I ran through the gloomy, moss-covered cave, I heard the scream again, but this time it was louder. It was as if the noise was coming from the other end of the cave. And that’s where I was going! When I got to the back of the cave, I saw a little girl ( about 3 or 4 years old) with long golden hair, ocean- coloured eyes, tied in rope. Then, I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head. I had been hit…

Reuben’s Writing
I was on an adventure all by myself because my friends got taken away from something so I had no-one to talk to. So have been running for my life. Because I have being hearing noise after noise. Then I found this dark ,gloomy ,damp cave. Everything was silent. But suddenly I heard water dripping. Then my silence was shattered by a loud shriek what was that I said to myself.

I looked up at all the claw mark on the walls and it was On the ceiling. Suddenly a noise from above alerted me. Then a bunch of rocks fell down from the ceiling fell in front of the way I came in. I couldn’t see if there was an another On so I might be trapped with what ever is in here. I looked around in the dreary sunless cave. Suddenly something went pass my skinny hairy leg. So I got two stones and some sticks to make a touch it was nice, not and it was a vivid light two. I looked up with the touch and looked up it was a giant Dragon. With an ablaze nose and bumpy skin so I went through his legs and I found my friends but I left them. I thought I was going to make it but the Dragon stopped me and he booked the exits so then in realized not to go on adventures but it to late to learn that lesson because we are its too now he is going to eat us arrrrrrrrr we all yelled.

Miranda’s Writing
“Ok, truth or dare?” Danielle asked to her best friend, Andre.
They sat gladly at the roof of the house looking up onward the twinkling night sky.
“Dare!” Andre screamed.
“Ok, how about you go to the ‘Bear Burrow’ and stay there for 20 full minutes,” Daniele said with a small smirk emerging from her face.
“What! That’s the worst place in the entire city anyone who has ever entered that place hasn’t been seen since they left. I didn’t know you were trying to get me killed! There are all sorts of dangerous animals in there I can’t do it!” she cried as her face began to tear up.
“Well you know the rules if you don’t do the dare then you have to eat a can of pickled sardines!” she maliciously smiled.
They ventured of going deeper to the north side of Carolina until they were right under the moonlight blinded by the bright and sparkling moon. Then there it was. The ‘Bear Burrow’ stood down at them.
“Come on then! Go in!” Danielle said. Andre still stood paralyzed with fear staring into the straight abyss of darkness and that’s when a hard push was thrown at her, making her head collide with the rock shaking the entire cave and that’s when an a avalanche of rocks tumbled down blocking the exit.
Trapping her.

Ruby’s Writing
I walked into the dark, gloomy, damp cave. Everything was silent apart from the slow drip of water above my head. Suddenly the silence was shattered by a loud shriek!

What was that?

It sounded like agonising pain, so I tried to follow the noise, but I never heard it again. As I made my way further, the tunnel started to get smaller and narrower with every step I took. The sides were beginning to close in on me. I didn’t know what to do; either continue or turn around? I decided to explore more until OUCH! A sharp stabbing pain shot up through my body. I had stepped on a screw. The old, rusty screw must have been lying on the floor and it had now dug itself into my skin. I gingerly tried to wiggle it out, but it really hurt. As I felt around in the dirt, I came across a stick and used it to help me walk. I still wanted to continue though. There was something interesting about this cave.

There was an unpleasant smell drifting through the air, it was thick and warm. I wanted to heave. Suddenly that shriek! There it was again. I froze for a moment.

“Hello?” I decided to shout. “Is anyone there?”


“I’ve injured my foot and I think I may be stuck. Can you help me?”. Still silence.

I sat down for a moment as my foot was throbbing and my hand was sore from holding the stick. The stick was sharp and jagged. I could barely see anything in front of me.

I pulled myself back onto my feet and stood for a moment. My eyes were still adjusting to my dark surroundings. I carried on moving further and further into the cave. I was beginning to get cold. The walls were covered in water. I started to feel scared. I stopped again. My arms and legs were shaking.

But then, as I starred down through the darkness – was that a light I could see? I quickly moved, limping along but I needed to know what that light was. Abruptly the cave began to widen, my body could breathe again and I took in deep gulp of air. I had come to an opening.

There was a small fire lit and some bags lying on the ground but no one in sight. I hesitated moving forward and looked around.

“Hello?” I called again but my voice echoed and bounced around. There appeared to be another tunnel on the other side of the opening, was that a way out I pondered? I staggered over to the fire and crashed to the floor. My body shuddered as it began to warm itself up. I was building up the energy to try and get my boot off and sort out my foot, but my body ached and I was tired.

I closed my eyes. My body began to relax and I slowly drifted off to sleep. Everything was silent…. until it was shattered by a loud shriek!

Sopie’s Writing
Where was I? What happened?
To think it all started with a fun family picnic in the woods.
It was a beautiful day, when I came home to hear my parents having a conversation over the phone, saying we were going to have a picnic at the national park, near our house ,that we never visited, I was so excited. It was probably supposed to be a surprise so I opened the front door and slammed it so my parents would think I just got home from school and didn’t here anything. Later that day mum told me and my siblings too get dressed in our best clothes, which usually meant we had to suffer through the rest of the day in the most uncomfortable dresses mum could find. Then if we complained mum would moan that they were expensive, but this time she let me wear my favourite, most comfortable dress. Then she styled me hair into curls, then shoved us into the car.
When we got there, we could already see my cousins racing up the tree, seeing who could get to her he top first , and my nan, granddad, aunties and uncles sitting at the bottom looking up worryingly. Like usually, my nan had come prepared with her emergency first aid kit. By the time we got over there, they had already finished the race, of cause my older cousin ,by six months, had pushed through everyone else making the chance of someone falling even greater, to win. They restarted the race but this time I won, but like all thing when it comes to being near my cousin ,Jack, good things just couldn’t last.
To no -ones surprise he then got angry and shook the tree making me fall out onto the ground covered in sharp sticks and stones that cut my hands. My nan rushed over with some bandages and rapped them. Then my aunt said it was time to have a picnic to stop anyone from climbing any higher.
After lunch, me, my brother, my sister and all my cousins ventured into the woods. That’s when I heard it. A high pitched scream. “Did anyone else here that?”
” Here what” asked my sister
“I didn’t here anything”said Elliot.
I heard it again. It was louder. I yearned to know what it was so without thinking, I ran. It was getting louder. I stopped. Black. I was staring at black. Who ever was screaming was in there. But who?
I cautiously walked into the cave, minding every step I took. You could hear the water rushing past on the other side of the thin walls. Stalactites hung from the glistening sealing and spouted through the ground. For a minute, I forgot why I was in there, because of the caves natural beauty. The best part of the cave was how unexplored and untouched it was.
Another scream echoed in the cave. I ran to the very back and looked round the corner. My eyes widened. My mouth hit the floor. It was a…a… “A banshee!”
The banshee is an Irish myth. It is a female ghost that heralds the death of a family member from the family they look over by wailing or screaming. It is said that if you see a banshee ringing out blood from your clothes then you know your end is coming soon. The Banshee have white or red eyes. Some have one skeleton arm and a normal arm. They normally have long white waves for hair and a blue, white or red dress. I know this because my great grandma told me tales of the banshee but I never believed it until now. Shocked by what I had seen, I ran back to my family. “What happened Sophie you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Tibet’s Writing
What was that?
If I was someone else I would have fled… But unfortunately I’m not that kind of a person. So I continued to take a step.
There was another shriek… This time louder. I was starting to have second thoughts. The walls shook and the puddle on the ground rippled.
“What’s going on?” I said to myself.
If I didn’t go inside this incident would be stuck in my mind forever. That’s why I kept walking. There were water marks on the walls of the cave, but I couldn’t see very well so I wasn’t completely sure. I went back to the entry of the cave. Maybe telling this to someone would unravel what happened.
Oh no! The entry, it was blocked! What was I going to do?
Who did this? Why did this happen? What happened?
Those were the questions going through my head then. I had no choice but to continue further into the cave. I silently walked hoping to find an exit. The cave seemed to go on forever. But behind a corner, I saw a light. Could it be daylight? No, it was orange so it had to be a wildfire.
Was there someone else in the cave with me?
I took out my pocket knife and shouted:
“Hello! Is anybody there?”
“I am!” Someone responded. “Did you come to rescue me?” He asked.
“Um, no, ” I replied. “Do you know the exit to this cave?” I then asked.
There was silence.
“Answer me!” I shouted.
“Well, I was just about to ask you that.”

Ishmael’s Writing

The Cave

Josh belonged to the tribe of ‘Zu’ of the Magic Mountain. His father Jin was one of seven warrior brothers, who protected the Magic Mountain.

Jin was the strongest of all his brothers and he was the Zu master’s favourite student.

During an attack on the Magic Mountain, an invading tribe killed the seven warriors and injured Josh. The Zu master fought off the invaders and saved Josh’s life but due to his injury, he could never learn the Zu fighting style or any other kung fu.

The Zu master felt sorry for Josh and he became his favourite. He often told Josh stories about how he learnt Kung fu and how he became a master. Josh loved to hear the stories of magical Kung fu and he asked the Zu master, “Is there any style of magical Kung fu that can heal me?” The Zu master sighed sadly and said, “Yes, it is called the ‘Great Solar Style’ but the scroll has been missing for years. It was hidden in an ark in the Shaolin temple but, an evil bandit disguised as a Shaolin monk, stole the scroll from the temple and learnt the style in secret. It took him ten years to learn the style, then he challenged the top masters of Shaolin and defeated them all. Then he came to challenge me…” Josh was amazed and hanging on every word, “So what happened?” Josh asked
“We both fought for hours until we both nearly died of exhaustion but in the end I won.”
“Did you kill him?” asked Josh
“No I asked him to be my student but he was so angry at losing after all that time practising that he went insane and threw himself off the mountain. It’s a shame because he could’ve healed your injury with his Kung Fu.”
They sat quietly until the master spoke again, “I will be going away for five years to learn a new style. Your cousins will be in charge be respectful to them,”
“I will,” said Josh and they walked back into the house. Josh was worried because all his cousins were nasty to him. They were jealous that he was the masters favourite and they bullied him for not being able to learn Kung fu. When the master went away, it was alright at first. However Josh’s cousins were getting more jealous of Josh. They planned to kill him and make it look like an accident. They took Josh for a walk and played catch with a ball near the edge of the mountain. One of the cousins threw the ball near the edge of a mountain and as Josh went to catch it the other cousin pushed him off the mountain. “Good,” said the first cousin Harry, “That’s what you get for being masters pet.”
“That’s right,” said the second cousin Victor, “Now that he is out of the way, the master can focus on us.”
Josh slowly started to wake up and realised he had fallen off the mountain and was on a ledge . He couldn’t climb up or down. He followed the ledge and eventually came to the opening of a cave. As he walked inside, he heard a booming voice, “Who dares enter my cave?”
“My name is Josh from the Zu Tribe. Who are you?” Asked Josh.
“I am the curse of Zu,” said the voice. Then a big boulder appeared with a man attached to the middle. “Wow,” said Josh, “ how did you become attached to the boulder?”
“When I fell down here from the mountain I broke my back and now I use this boulder and my Kung fu energy to move around,”
Josh said, “That’s amazing, you must have immense Kung fu energy,”
“Yes I’ve mastered the ‘Great Solar Style’,”
“Wait a minute, are you the bandit that stole the scroll?” Said Josh, “The Zu master told me all about you.”
“So you know who I am?”
“Yes, your Kung fu is the only thing that can heal me,”
“I can sense that you’ve been badly injured and It’s true that my Kung fu could heal you and could give you invincible power so you could escape this cave. But the Zu master is my sworn enemy so why should I help one of his students?”
You could do it out of kindness,” said Josh
I’ll tell you what,” said the bandit, “curse the zu master by calling him a smelly donkey and I will teach you my Kung fu,”
“You are a smelly donkey and the Zu master is ten times better than you will ever be. I don’t want to learn your evil Kung fu style and you can’t force me,”
“Oh can’t I?” Suddenly, four leafy vines wrapped around Josh’s arms and legs and held him down while the bandit passed his Kung fu energy through Josh’s body. After 5 years, Josh had absorbed all of the energy that the bandit had to give, “Ha ha ha, I have taught you my Kung fu, your injury has healed and you are now filled with mysterious and invincible power,”
Thank you Sir,” said Josh. The bandit was confused, “Why are you thanking me I thought you didn’t want to learn my style,”
“I just said that to trick you into teaching me,”
“You deceived me you cunning child. I’M GONNA KILL YOU.”
“How can you kill me when I have the same skill as you,”
The bandit attacked Josh, “AAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” As they fought, Josh kicked the huge boulder up into the air. As it came down, It crashed into the floor and embedded itself there. The bandit could not move at all. “You cant leave me here,” said the bandit.
“I promise I’ll come back for you when I’ve taken my revenge,” Josh escaped the cave and climbed back up to the Magic Mountain. He had been away for five years and the master had also returned to the mountain. Josh spoke with the master and explained what this cousins had done to him, The master arrested Harry and Victor and told Josh to punish them any way he liked. Josh challenged them both to a fight. With his new skills he easily defeated them. He decided not to kill them and instead he destroyed their Kung fu skill permanently. “Your wisdom makes me proud,” the Zu master said to Josh.
“Thank you master,” said Josh, “Please come with me to rescue the bandit from the cave.”

1 thought on “‘The Cave’ Writing Task

  1. Good morning Eagles,
    I have just finished reading ‘The Cave’ Writing Task. I was so impressed with what you had written, I wanted to share it with my grandson ( Keelan). He like the way you used tension in you writing to give a feeling of fear and unease. These are just some of the sentences we enjoyed the most, they made the hair stand up on the back of our necks.

    There was another shriek… This time louder. I was starting to have second thoughts. Tibet

    That’s when I heard it. A high pitched scream. “Did anyone else here that?” Sophie.

    The tunnel started to get smaller and narrower with every step I took. The sides were beginning to close in on me. Ruby

    Andre still stood paralyzed with fear staring into the straight abyss of darkness. Miranda.

    Trapped with what ever is in here. I looked around in the dreary sunless cave. Reuben.

    Suddenly, there was a loud, long shriek that pierced the silence. Sneha.

    As she took another step everything around her went darker and darker until Rhi could no longer see through her glasses. Dalila.

    I rushed deeper and deeper into the cave. ​What could it be? A series of wails echoed through the cave but I couldn’t make out where the creature was. Rishita,

    Well done Eagles Miss Dainter.

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