Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying week year 6 discussed a different question each day. The children had discussions around these questions with their peers before sharing with the rest of the class. Below are some of the things that were discussed during the week.

What does the school already do to help stop bullying and ensure all pupils are happy and safe?
Rishita – we do Peacemakers and we also have peer mediators who help other children with their problems.
Paris – teachers in the school help you, ask questions and then try to resolve and sort the problem.
Dalila – sometimes assemblies are held to discuss values and how we should treat people.
Alfie – we join in with Anti-bullying week.
Miranda – Safer Internet week also talks about bullying that takes place online.
Llukan – we share our knowledge with other schools.

Is change possible?
Sneha – change is possible if you try.
Miranda – seeing other things happen can motivate people to make a change.
Rishita – if others set a good example that can motivate people to make a change and to change the way they are behaving.

Which people in school can help us to reduce and respond to bullying?
Dalila – peer mediators because they can sort out the problems.
Rubylee – your friends can help you by comforting and supporting you.
Harley – teachers can help you and can resolve the issues.

What changes are we going to make?
Every child responded with their very own way they would make a change in our school. These varied from saying kind things to everyone every day to smiling more often. The children displayed these on a placard that was shared with the rest of the school on Friday afternoon.

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