Spotlight on Reece


Year 6 have recently started something called ‘Spotlight on a child’. It was launched today and I am very pleased to announce the first child to receive this prestigious award is REECE ANDREWS.

The award is separate from ‘Star of the week’ and is given by myself for something that I feel should be recognised by the class.

Reece received the award for his fabulous attitude to everything that is asked of him. He is always positive and tries his best in all subjects. He is helpful, often volunteering for jobs (including giving up some of his lunchtime) and is a pleasure to have in the class.

Reece will keep the award all next week and will have his photo put up on display in the classroom. All the children will be asked to write something nice about Reece throughout the week and he will get to bring this home.

Well Done Reece!

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Reece

  1. A great all-rounder Reece! You work hard, have a great attitude in school (and not forgetting your part in the school’s hockey and basketball success this week and last week!) Keep up the good work!

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