Worrying things…

Mrs Butterworth and Mrs Johnson took circle time with Year 6 on Thursday afternoon.

The session started with children sharing things that are worrying them.

Then the children discussed more specific topics:

What are the risks to children / what do you think children might be at risk from?
A number of children said, “Being outside for a long time when something could happen to you (there could be people who could hurt you) and no-one would know what had happened.”

Children suggested ways of dealing with this:
• have a phone with you (always ensure it’s charged and you have credit)
• make sure you’re always with someone you
• go into a shop / knock on someone’s door for help.
• run away
• shout for help
• be aware of where you are so you can let someone know.

What should you not do if you someone is being mean to you / threatening you?
• don’t get involved because it’s what they want
• don’t try do anything to them because it could make it worse
• don’t fight them
• don’t threaten them
• don’t try to deal with it yourself, talk to a trusted adult about it
• don’t use anything as a weapon

The children discussed the idea of carrying a weapon further and thought of a range of reasons why it is not something you should do:
• it’s illegal and you can get in trouble for carrying a weapon
• it could seriously injure someone
• the weapon could be used against you
• it could hurt people close to you
• a silly mistake early in your life can have a negative effect in your later life (eg it could stop you getting a job)

Circle times on the theme of personal safety and choices made outside of school will continue next half term.

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