Monthly Archives: December 2023

Book Trees

Year 6 have been loving opening a brand new book every day this month! We have opened some really lovely books so far ranging from novels to information texts to puzzle books! Miss Edwards is really enjoying opening them too.. she might be waiting for one book in particular! 

Sporting Chance

Year 6 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Sandra today who works for HSBC. 
Their lesson was called ‘Sporting Chance’ and involved looking at a day out at Wembley to watch a football game. As part of the session, the children were able to explore how much a day out like this would cost a family and what things they could do in order to reduce the costs as much as possible. The children were all really sensible during the session and showed a good understanding of money. 
Well done Year 6! 

Cooking in D&T

Year 6 have spent this half term working towards creating their very own wartime themed vegetable pasties. 
Over a series of lessons they have completed the following: 
  • Created a questionnaire for market research 
  • Tasted a vegetable pasty and recorded opinions
  • Completed each other’s questionnaires 
  • Designed their product based on their findings from the questionnaire 
  • Designed what their product would look like
  • Decided what ingredients and equipment they would need 
  • Wrote down a method for cooking
  • And finally, cooked and tasted their very own delicious vegetable pasties! 
All children had a fabulous day cooking and worked super hard. They learnt how to make their very own pastry as well as how to correctly chop vegetables. Well done Year 6!