Monthly Archives: November 2021

DT Taste Testing

Year 6 kicked off their DT topic this week with some taste testing! The children had to taste some homemade vegetable pasties and then give their opinions. They also had to think about what ingredients were used and how it might have been cooked. The children really enjoyed themselves and loved their afternoon snack!

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week, Year 6 have been discussing who they could talk to in school and what they feel the school already does to help reduce and respond to bullying:
  • We have regular check-ins so that the teachers can make sure we are happy.
  • We have lunch time supervisors to help control the playground.
  • We have online safety rules – inappropriate sites are restricted.
  • We use peacemakers to help us talk through our problems and feelings.
  • We use the good to be green system.
  • We have teachers that also help us deal with problems at home.

World War Two

Recently Year 6 have started their history topic on World War Two. The children are already very engrossed in this topic and cannot wait to learn more! In their first couple of lessons they have learnt why the Second World War started and all about propaganda posters.

Online Safety

This week in computing, Year 6 have had their termly online safety lesson. The lesson was focused around how to manage online information, particularly looking at how search engines work and how results are selected and ranked.
The lesson began with a video all about online purchases. The message of the video was that there is sometimes untrustworthy information online and we have to be careful when deciding what is real and what is fake. We also spoke about online influencers on social media and how they can influence to purchase new things, even though they might not actually have liked the product themselves and may have been paid to advertise it! Again, this is asking ourselves, is it genuine or has this been paid for? Is it fake?
The main focus of the lesson was then on search engines and how they work using different algorithms that sort different webpages into categories. These are then stored in a database called a Search Index and are stored there until a search is completed. The children also learned how some of the top results from a search are paid advertisements, which means that a company has paid to be at the top of the page and is not necessarily the most relevant or accurate result.

Anti-Bullying Week

To kick off Anti-Bullying Week 2021 Year 6 have been discussing how they can show acts of kindness this week. The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year is: One Kind Word, so the children all had to decide on an act of kindness that they would do throughout the week.
Here are some of the ideas they had:
– invite people to play
– be helpful to others in class
– open and hold doors open for other people, particularly teachers
– give compliments to make people feel good about themselves
– make something for somebody
– have and show good manners
– give more time to others