Monthly Archives: May 2021


This week Year 6 had their second peacemakers session. This week’s focus was all around the children thinking about what they need in order to feel confident and comfortable to talk to somebody about their feelings. They also watched a short video that highlighted how people may feel and the choices that they should make in order to seek help and support.

Creating surveys

This week in Y6 the children have been using Google Forms to create their very own surveys. The surveys have all been focused around lifestyle choices. Once the had completed their surveys, the children sent them to their peers in the class to respond to. They have then been completing the surveys in order to provide data for their class mates.

Our First Peacemaker’s Session

This week Year 6 have had their very first session with Jackie from Peacemakers. This session was all about getting to know each other and discussing our feelings towards transitioning to secondary school. The children played lots of games and had lots of opportunities to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Overall, the children had a fabulous afternoon!

Year 6 will be having these sessions for the next 8 weeks every Tuesday afternoon. This is a new course designed for Year 6’s to help them with their transition to secondary school and to help prepare them. The children are really looking forward to their next session next week!