Monthly Archives: April 2021

Exploring identities

This afternoon, Year 6 have been discussing how in the United Kingdom there are lots of differences between people.

To begin with they discussed the term ‘identity’ and discussed with a partner what it meant to them:

– a way to prove who you are
– something that is used for proof of identity
– who you are to the world
– your name and date of birth
– what makes you you
– who and how you are as a person

Year 6 then went on to discuss different languages that are spoken in the UK, different religious groups there are, and all about lots of other differences that people have.

As a class we concluded that we can massively benefit from living in a society with so many differences as we are able to learn from each other. This might be learning new languages, about different cultures and religions, or simply just tasting different food! We also concluded that if we lived in a society where everyone was the same it would be pretty boring!