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Conversation Writing Task

Rishita’s Writing Task
“Remember the time we drove up the Unclimbable Alps. That was amazing!” said Emily sighing longingly.
“It wasn’t when I fell out of the caravan.” tutted her best friend, Hugo the penguin, shaking his head disapprovingly.
“I wish Smiffy had come with us; she would have been frightened to death,”chuckled Emily softly, “It was unfortunate that she was put in Ruth’s grave like Bluey was with Holly.”
“You were the one who tricked me into coming. You told me that we were going to the Pointed End to visit them.” replied Hugo angrily ;shaking his flippers in protest.
“Look who’s here!” yelled Emily pointing across the road. Sister Toop and Sister Pretty were walking down the street. Sister Pretty was wearing a brown paper bag over her head and was constantly walking into street lamp poles.
“Sister Toop must have become ill with Sister Pretty’s prettiness again. Sister Toop! Over here! Look at who came last night!” yelled Hugo.
“Emily darling!” screamed Sister Toop rushing towards them, “ It is so lovely to see you again! Smockermoon has been safe ever since you and Ruth saved it. Oh dear I’ve forgotten something.”
While Sister Toop tried to remember what she had forgotten, Emily turned to Hugo,
“Where on earth is Ruth? She came here a long time ago. I was at her funeral.”
“Ruth’s currently in her meditation chamber but Holly is in town somewhere with Bluey.”
“Holly! Oh can I go see her now. {“Sister Pretty .Of course.” shouted Sister Toop.}” replied Emily overjoyed.
“Not now. We have to go into the Funeral Cinema to watch our funeral. I’m glad Ruth left me to you in her will and I was put in your tomb with you.” sighed Hugo consulting his pocket watch.
“Come on then!” Bye Sister Toop, Bye Sister Pretty!” shouted Emily as she stood up and ran to he door of the cinema {they had been sitting on the steps for some time now.}

Paris’s Writing Task
“How did he get here; isn’t he meant to be in a snowy place like Antarctica?” said Maisie to herself. “Just because I’m a penguin it doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to live in London Zoo, I know it seems weird that I’m here, but I am.”
Maisie’s jaw dropped not only because there was a penguin here but that it could also speak English. She thought that it was really amazing so she decided to stay to speak more to the penguin- which was named Reuben by the zoo. “So are you visiting because you are on a school trip or a family trip?”
“No I’m here because my big cousin works here, so I get free trips, so I am just roaming around the place seeing what I can find.” replied Maisie to Reuben.
“Oh okay that’s cool how you can get free trips of the zoo because there are many fantastic things to see in this zoo like: monkeys, tigers, obviously penguins and loads more things.”
“Well can they talk as well or is it only you?”
“It’s only me that can talk apart from the people that work here: if you are wondering why I can speak English it’s because a magician came into the zoo for a show a couple a months ago and he did a trick on me but it went wrong and instead of me going invisible I got the power to speak English unlike every other animal in the world.”
“Wow that is really mind blowing if you ask me, for an animal to speak.”
“Yeah I know I’m special, oh well catch you later” said Reuben as he casually waddled off.
“Catch you later” said Maisie to herself.

Dalila’s Writing Task
“Hi my name is Lugaze I’m a penguin.” said someone next to me who had obviously just arrived on my hotel’s outside stairs.
“Yeah we all feel like penguin’s at this time of year it’s freez…. wait what?! you’re actually a penguin! I just thought that you know it’s freezing at this time of yea.. wait what am i doing I’m talking to a penguin. Someone help me,I’m talking to a penguin.” I screamed to people having dinner or walking their dog or doing whatever it was they were doing, but as usual instead of trying to bring me to some weird kind of doctor they just stared at me and then just walked past screaming Julia (that’s me). Not every person passed me though, well, yeah, every person because a penguin is NOT a person.
” Are you ok? You seem a little freaked out.” the penguin asked me
“Well it’s not very common for humans to talk to a penguin, actually any animal,”
” That means that means you are living a miracle right now” said Lugaze looking very serious for some very odd reason as we were not talking about anything serious.
” Yeah, I guess. So that would mean that you’re living a miracle too am I not right?” I asked curious but got an unexpected answer,
” Yes you are not right because I think I can talk to any human you see that is why they threw me out do you hear?” said the penguin shredding a few tears “I lived there for over 5 years.” he continued now crying like a baby on my shoulder which due to that was now soaking wet.
“Well that’s not fair is it?” I said, starting to tear up as well. ” Oh and you said that you think you can talk to all humans can you prove that to me please?” I asked wiping my tears away,
” Yeah, sure.” said Lugaze ” Excuse me, do you know where ‘The French Cafe’ is? Lugaze asked a woman walking her dog
“Yes it’s this corner to the left and then you’ll see a rou…” said the woman kindly but not being able to finish her sentence because she had just turned around to us and noticed that she was talking to a penguin. Instead of finishing the sentence these were her next words: “Hahahaha someone help me bring me to a weird doctor please help,” and then fainted.

Miranda’s Writing Task
“Hi?” a quiet voice said.
I slowly turned around to see a…penguin? Something about the depth of his eyes and his long beak was inviting and I couldn’t turn away. The bank stared down at me as I sat on the stairs. The small friend sat beside me and let out a sigh. “What’s wrong?’ I asked. He looked up to me hopefully then looked away into the elegant sunset.
“Well what if I told there is a secret penguin society that want to take over the world and they have to kidnap every human being they came in contact with but I am your assigned protector and have to keep you far away from those penguins like the one right behind you?” I let out a slight chuckle.
“Well I would have t-” I began when suddenly a giant black bag quickly swept away the ocean blue view, trapping me in a deep abyss of darkness and that’s when I passed out.
Moments later I woke up in a dark cellar filled with laboratory technology and I was cemented to a chair. And that’s when I saw it a colony of penguins emerged from the darkness.
“Well hi human. This will only hurt a little bit,” a large syringe appeared from his lab coat and I could tell that he was heading for my arm. The rest of the minions grasped my arms and legs sturdily as the needle began to make contact with my arm and then…the highest window smashed open. A dark figure swiftly kicked the needle-handling penguin and eventually kicked the butts of all the others with not one of them landing a single punch at him but what was he doing here? It was like I was watching ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ right before my eyes. He harnessed me to the chair as I began to hear a helicopter. Before I knew it I was in the sky not knowing what was going to happen next.
“What are you going to do to me? Huh? You going to drop me out the helicopter and watch me plummet into the ocean!” the mysterious agent looked up and down at me with judgement deep in his eyes. “No,” he coldly said “Those penguins want you dead. I’m trying to help you. We penguins have divided into two sides: The Warriors vs The Survivors. We are survivors and we are trying to make sure they don’t kill the entire human race.”
“Oh that’s why you guys are here. I was beginning to think penguins weren’t located in Antarctica after all, it did seem a little odd they were here in one of the hottest places in the world.”
And that’s when I was realized it was the same penguin from the beginning.
“Look you seem pretty annoying so I’m going to have to speed this job really fast. We are on our way to their base where I defeat them blah blah blah we are saved and I don’t have to be your friend anymore,”
He quickly turned away. Something inside seemed to tell me he was hurting inside about something and that’s why he’s so harsh on me.
“Have you ever lost someone close to you?” I asked.
“Yes…” he muttered silently underneath his breath “My mom. I was there when we lost her. We travelled here together but her condition was very serious the doctor told her not be in any hot places and we couldn’t ship her back in time so we lost her. She was my best friend. And I lost her…”
I could see a small tear roll down his fury cheeks. I went closer and closer ending up in me giving him a hug. And the rest of the helicopter ride was exactly what he needed. To grieve. Even though we didn’t know each other it felt good, voicing our feelings to someone who can’t even judge us for it. And that’s when I realize penguins have hearts too. It was hard enough for me to lose my dad and
that was the time it came to me. Why they want to kill me so bad because my father was a polar hunter which is someone who hunts in the polar regions of the world looking for animals. I can’t say I loved his job because that’s what brought a wall between us. That’s what made us grow so far apart but he’s gone now so what can I do. The penguins name was Rex.
We eventually arrived and broke down the door but we weren’t ready. Two minions came from behind holding us both down. “Wow! Look at this the best protector in all of the South Pole right here. I think we’ve had just about enough of you,” He leaned towards him with the syringe. I screamed helplessly but he had already done it. Rex’s body began to shake uncontrollably until he stopped. He stopped breathing and that’s when they dropped us and they all ran away. Tears streamed down my face as I held him close to me hoping he would wake up but he never did. I lost my best friend. And that’s when I realized I was back on the bank stairway.
I lost him the way I met him.
And I stayed there until I knew it was too late.
So that’s why I am a Survivor so I can keep his memory alive just the way he wanted it to be.

Sneha’s Writing Task
“Okay I got it,” I said to myself, while trying to get through the enormous crowd. “I have to get to the library because I was told to go there.” As I stumbled through the crowd, I saw a notice reading: if this penguin is found, you will receive a £5000 reward. That penguin was no ordinary penguin- that penguin was me. I raced to the library, just in case someone picked me up and took me to those men. When I got to the library, she was sitting waiting for me. ” Wheezy” Chloe called out, ” come sit, I have a plan,” I was safe now: no-one could grasp me. “Well what’s the plan?” I asked. My curiosity bucket was overflowing. I was going to explode. “Well,” She whispered sadly, ” we sort of have to leave the town,”
“WAIT, WHAT!” I screamed, ” this wasn’t apart of the plan…” I paused. What was I thinking? Chloe was my best friend, I can’t be this rude, she was only thinking what’s best for me. “Alright, I’m sorry, I didn’t…”
“Yeah yeah, I know. You didn’t mean to be so rude, its how every story goes!”
“Enough with the story talk! Where are we going? I asked, but this time I wasn’t that upset. This time I wasn’t annoyed.”Okay. What we are going to do is go to Australia: no one will suspect anything,” then she paused and looked up at the fluffy marshmallow-like clouds. Her eyes started to tear up, “and… well you will, umm… stay there,” Then she burst into tears. The clouds copied her. The sun hid and never came back out for those moments. “Well,” She said, drying the tears from her eyes, “What now?” By this time, Chloe had a smile and, the sun popped out of its hiding place and, the crying clouds faded away. “Alright,” I said breaking the silence that hovered around the air ” why don’t we have a fun day instead of sitting here and crying,”
“Great idea!” Chloe exclaimed. As soon as we got up, Chloe added, “Where next?”

Ruby’s Writing Task
Susan was sat on the cold, grey, damp steps. She had just lost her job. Voice acting was the only job she had done and loved. Just as she was about to get up, a penguin came waddling down the steps and flapped its wings at her. It was trying to get Susan’s attention. She suddenly looked up and was taken aback.
“Hi, my name is Tom” said the penguin. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
Just as Susan was about to answer Tom’s question, she stopped and questioned herself. “Did I really just hear that penguin talk?” She thought.
“Hi Tom”, she replied. “Am I really talking to a penguin?”
“Yes” laughed Tom.
“Ok” Stumbled Susan. “Errrr, I’ve just lost my job as a voice actor.” She said miserably. That is when it suddenly dawned on Susan. She had been a voice actor on a popular children’s programme and used to voice the animals. Maybe she had developed special powers?
“Well it’s very nice to meet you Tom. Anyway, why are you here?” Susan said as she looked around. Luckily, there was no one else on the steps. “Shouldn’t you be in a zoo or something?”. She asked.
“Well I escaped!” Tom said jauntily.
“Why did you do that!?” gasped Susan.
“Because the zoo was always over-crowded and noisy. Then today the lady that comes and feeds us penguins lost her job too” explained Tom.
“Wow! What a coincidence” exclaimed Susan. “What are you going to do now? Surely, it is not safe for you to be out on the streets?”
“Well I haven’t really thought about that. You see when I escaped, I thought it would be fun and exciting, but it wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be. I was trying to decide what to do and that’s when I saw you. You seemed friendly so that’s why I came over”.
“How did you know I was friendly? I might have wanted to hurt you or I may have had a phobia of birds and screamed and ran off!” Susan sarcastically quizzed.
Tom burst out laughing “You are funny! We penguins can smell out nice humans from nasty ones. Can I come and stay with you Susan? I promise I won’t be any trouble.”
Susan thought to herself for a moment. It would be nice having a pet at home but how was she going to afford to keep a penguin and where was he going to sleep?
“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea I’m afraid Tom. I don’t think I can afford to keep you. HANG ON A MINUTE” Susan shrieked “Did you say the penguin feeder had lost their job as well?”.
“Ye….yes. Yes I did” Tom stuttered.
“Well you need a home and I need a job. Why don’t I return you to the zoo and then maaaaybe they will give me the job? I mean what a better reward for returning such a precious animal”.
Tom stood and thought about it for a while.
“That’s a great idea Susan. Let’s do it!”.
So off they waddled towards the zoo, with Susan holding Tom’s flipper.

Tibet’s Writing Task
Imogen was sitting on the stairs that lead up to her university. She was waiting for a beige car which belonged to her parents. Her mother told her on the phone that she had to wait for a while because it had a flat tire. It had only been a few minutes when she noticed someone walk up to her.
“Good evening.” Said the penguin.
“To you too.” Imogen answered. “Um, can I help you with anything?” She then asked.
“I am lost.” The penguin replied. “Can you point the direction where the North Pole is?”
“Er, I, I don’t quite know where north and south are right now. I do have a compass in my backpack. Here it is! North is, that way.” Imogen said.
“Thank you. You’re very kind.”
The penguin started walking towards where the needle pointed.
“Wait! Wait.” Imogen exclaimed. ”What are you doing?!!”
“Of course I am going to the North Pole.” Said the penguin, thinking it knew what it was doing.
“But, it’ll take you ages to get there. Plus, there are a lot of obstructions that can stop you like buildings, mountains and oceans.” Imogen Explained. “And zoos!” She finished.
“Well, will you help me get there then.”
Imogen hadn’t thought about that. She started panicking.
“What? Um, excuse me. Did you mean the North Pole. I, I, but I haven’t even went anywhere out of Europe. I never went anywhere overseas before in my life and what will my parents think of it.”
“No, oh no, I must’ve gotten you over excited. I just want you to help me get there. It isn’t anything about you travelling over there.”
The penguin calmed her.
“Thank god. Then I might be able to help. But we have to wait until my parents get back.”
“That’s okay. Would I be a bother if I asked you your name?” The penguin asked.
“No, not at all. My name is Imogen.”

Home Learning 18/05/2020

Morning Eagles!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is your work for this week.

Maths and English
Daily Math Week Beginning 18th May
Spelling Week 5

Again, if you are not finding the regular 4 a-day maths enough of a challenge, complete a set from this website afterwards!

Below you will find the White Rose Maths worksheets and answers for this week. Remember to watch the video for each lesson before you attempt the work, these can be found here

White Rose Worksheets
Lesson 1 – Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000
Lesson 2 – Multiply decimals by integers 2019
Lesson 3 – Divide decimals by integers 2019
Lesson 4 – Decimals as fractions 2019

White Rose Answer Sheets
Lesson 1 Answers – Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1,000
Lesson 2 Answers – Multiply decimals by integers 2019
Lesson 3 Answers – Divide decimals by integers 2019
Lesson 4 Answers – Decimals as fractions 2019

Writing Task
Your writing task this week is a conversation. Here is a picture of a penguin and a woman. Your task is to write the conversation that they are having.

Here are some ideas for what the conversation could be about:

  • The penguin has escaped from the zoo and is now lost and needs help.
  • They are best friends and are talking about an adventure.
  • The woman finds out that she can speak the animal language after the penguin notices she is upset.

It is very important to remember the speech conventions that you have been taught in this writing task:

  • Each new character’s speech starts on a new line.
  • Speech is opened with inverted commas.
  • Each line of speech starts with a capital letter.
  • The line of speech ends with a comma, exclamation mark or a question mark before you close the inverted commas.
  • A reporting clause can go before, during or after speech.
  • A full stop goes after the reported clause if it has been used at the end).
  • A comma goes after the reported clause if it is used before or during speech.

Remember not just to write a page of speech, I want to see some action too. Think carefully about what narration could be included as well. It might be a good idea to brainstorm some ideas first and create a plan!

Weekly Spellings

Here are the next set of spellings from the statutory list for you all to practise:


Again, try and create a sentence using each word. If you could email them to me for me to see, that would be great too.
Keep working hard Eagles!

Home Learning 11/05/2020

Hello there Eagles and welcome to a brand new week!
I hope you had a lovely break over the weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

Here is another set of work for you to complete this week. A big thank you to the children who are continuing to send me their writing to read – I really do love it! Please continue to do this so that I can see how you are doing and give you a little bit of feedback (

Maths and English
Daily Math Week Beginning 11th May
Spelling Week 4

If you brainy mathematicians are finding the 4 a-day too easy, check out this website where you can complete a different set of questions at a more challenging level – The website also provides the answers.

Below you will find the White Rose Maths worksheets and answer sheets as they are no longer allowing people to download these for free. Before completing the worksheets, please encourage your child to watch the video explaining the learning. The videos can be viewed on this site
White Rose Worksheets
Lesson 1 Multiply fractions by integers 2019
Lesson 2 Multiply fractions by fractions 2019
Lesson 3 Divide fractions by integers (2) 2019
Lesson 4 Fractions of an amount 2019
White Rose Answer sheets
Lesson 1 Answers Multiply fractions by integers 2019
Lesson 2 Answers Multiply fractions by fractions 2019
Lesson 3 Answers Divide fractions by integers (2) 2019
Lesson 4 Answers Fractions of an amount 2019

Writing task

This week I would like you to create an information text (non-chronological report) about an animal. It can be about an octopus like in the picture above, or you can choose a different animal. You can even decide to create your own animal if you like!
Before you start your report, you are going to have to do some research into the animal of your choice. The octopus picture contains some facts to get you started.

There are things to think about before you start your writing as well as features that I would expect to see:

  • What is your title going to be? It needs to grab the reader’s attention!
  • What information are you going to include? Are you going to talk about where the animal lives? It’s diet? It’s your choice! But please remember to organise your writing into different paragraphs.
  • Are you using technical language that is specific to your chosen animal? (for example tentacles for the octopus)
  • Are you organising your writing effectively? Are you using sub-headings?
  • Remember to include a brief introduction paragraph that introduces the piece of writing. What is the report going to be about?

If you are still struggling to start your writing, have a look at this video to help you

Please remember to plan your writing before you start. It is very important to think about what you are going to right before you dive straight in! This will also help you find the writing process a little bit easier.

Answers 04/05/2020

I am so glad to see that lots of you have been working super hard and it was lovely for me and Miss Procter to hear from most of you this week. Keep it up because you are doing really well.

Here are the answers for the maths and English work that you were set this week:

ANSWERS Daily Math Week Beginning 4th May
Grammar-Revision Answers Summer Week 3

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy an extra day off from your hard work! I will be back with more for you on Monday.

Take care all of you.

Miss Edwards

Weekly Spelling

First of all, thank you to the children who have sent me the sentences they created using last week spellings, well done to you!
Here are the next set of spellings from the statutory list for you all to practise:


Again, try and create a sentence using each word. If you could email them to me for me to see, that would be great too.

Keep working hard Eagles!

Miss Edwards

Turtle Speech Writing Task

Well done to all of the children in year 6 who are working so hard with their writing and making my day with the lovely pieces they are sending me to read!

Paris’s Writing

To all my fellow Turtles and Turtlettes.

I am here today speaking to you because I am giving you reasons why I should be the new mayor of Turtleton over all over candidates.
No longer should you worry about being exhausted; every Friday at noon you would get a free batch of turtle-juice to keep you up and running.

Feeling battered and worn? Let me fix that for you and your nest who will get a lifetime of free shell repairs and turtle wax!

Still not convinced? free swimming lessons for your precious hatchlings, reduced price camps and my biggest offering to secure your vote is personal bodyguards to make sure 100% of your eggs are protected from predators once laid.

Vote for me so we can multiply our population. Do the right thing and I promise you you won’t regret your decision.

Thank you for your time.

Ishmael’s Writing

Timothy Turtles Best Man Speech

“Hello everyone, for all who don’t know my name is Timothy Turtle.
I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone for coming. It’s lovely to see so many people from our turtle community here today to celebrate the wedding of my best friend Toby to his girlfriend Tatyanna.

As many of you know me and me Toby have been best friends since we were hatchlings. We worked our way out of the sand and into the water together as kids.

We’ve been on many adventures together and seen lots of amazing things on land and under water.

Toby is a hero and has always treated me like a brother. On our adventures together he has always looked after me and has saved my life more than once. He saved me from a shark he saved me from a crocodile he even saved me on the day he met Tatyanna. We were swimming by the local reef when I got my body caught in some plastic. I couldn’t get it off and I was totally stuck. As I panicked, I noticed another turtle stuck and nearly dead. It was Tatyanna.

Just then, Toby arrived and nibbled away at the plastic until we were both free. Then he carried us both as he swam to a cleaner part of the water where there was no human pollution. He brought us food and nursed Tatyanna back to health. Whilst Tatyanna was getting better, she and Toby spent a lot of time together and there relationship blossomed.

At first I was worried that if they got married I would lose my best friend but now I realise I will be gaining a friend in Tatyanna.

I know they will make each other very happy for the rest of their lives until they are ready to abandon their eggs on a sandy shore (ha ha). Joking aside, I wish them all the happiness in the world and I hope my fellow turtles will join me in eating some algae to toast the happy couple.

Here’s to the Turtle Bride and Turtle Groom.”

Abigail’s Writing

Sophie’s Writing

I lay there on the palm of the human as they stared down at me. I had had enough! This was the last time I was going to be fished out from between the rocks. “We all know why we are here, the humans! Every day we face problems like water pollution that have been created by them. Our ocean is full of harmful chemicals from the waste they drop everywhere and where does it go? Into the ocean, our ocean! Water pollution has risen to very high levels. The humans harmful chemicals have poisoned our oceans. Over fishing! They use big nets to catch whole schools of fish in one go, their are less and less of us. Some of our species are becoming extinct. So to make sure it doesn’t happen again we will fight back. I’m talking about WORLD DOMINATION! I want the sharks to attack the fishing boats, I want the seagulls to attack the factories that reproduce plastics and the dolphins to use there sonar to mind control the humans. Let’s end there reign of destruction. Who’s with me ?

Sneha’s Writing

Dear fellow Turtles and Turtlettes.
I am here today to explain to you why I should be declared mayor of Turtleton.
My first reason is that I will endeavour to stop all pollution from coming into the town of Turtleton. If I am elected mayor, I will build a wall around our city, so no intruders or harmful objects enter our homes. I will add more dustbins throughout the town, so no turtle will litter.
My second reason is that every turtle egg will be shielded from intruders so that they can live their life to the fullest. We will also have free-swimming lessons for your children. You wouldn’t want them getting hurt; would you? Still not convinced? When you desire to go home, however, you don’t want to walk take the wave bus. A new eco-friendly method of transport.
Please vote for me, so we can have an eco-friendly environment and a safe home for all citizens of Turtleton. Make the right choice, and I assure you that you won’t regret your settlement.
Thank you for your time

Josh T’s Writing

Ruby’s Writing
The time has come were we must all unite together as one. These two-legged human beings think that it is their right to keep us locked up in these claustrophobic, artificial cages. I want to be free to the wild again where we can roam, adventure and I can spend the last seventy years of my life having some fun.
I know some of you may be frightened at the thought of being released back into the wild where we have predictors to fear and you feel safe with the humans, but don’t you want to be unchained?
Everyday we are tormented by petting hour, bright flashy lights in our eyes because they want our photographs and the loud, echoing roar from the smaller humans hurts our ears. Enough is enough!
Lizards, I want you to start digging, to make a tunnel. My amphibion companions please create bigger splashes and jump around, this will be a great distraction as to what we are doing. To all my other confined species, use whatever you have, claws, teeth or flippers to start making your exit.

Dalila’s Writing

Rishita’s Writing
Dear fellow hatchlings, I have called you here today to talk about my late father {Winfred Turtley the third} who passed away at midnight last night. My father was a great man; he helped the poor and he gave money to care homes and hospitals. His own father, my grandfather, did the same in his time and so did his grandfather {my great-grandfather}.
I, Winfred the fourth, pledge to continue my family’s good deeds and from this day forth, I shall sacrifice my life to helping the community and I have a great desire that one day my own son {Winfred the fifth} will do the same.
As a tribute to my perished father, I am opening a new hatchling hospital in the centre of town. This hospital will be named after my father:
The Winfred Turtely Hatchling’s Hospital.
On the 8th of May there will be an opening party held in the town hall for the hospital as well as a funeral for my father. Everyone here is invited and you may invite friends and family. Also, there will be an opening ceremony the very next day and there will be a tour for the guests. The public will be allowed in too but not everyone. There are 40 tickets up for grabs and they will be on sale tomorrow at the Diggory Market Square. You’d better be quick as there are already many reserved tickets.
Tomorrow, before lessons and during prayers, Headmaster Turt will say a few words about my father. That is all and you are dismissed.

Khaltum’s Writing
Dear fellow citizens of TurtleBurg,

I am writing to you all because I have been informed that Kim NamJoon the III (the current mayor)
has abandoned his job. Which means that there is a new spot available to become the mayor.
I will be telling you some facts about what is going to happen when I become mayor of TurtleBurg.
No.1: We will be getting fresh organic food for citizens of TurtleBurg.Instead of moldy,old fruit.
No.2: From now on, we will have no more slow days! i will order speed shoes for all of the citizens so you could get to places faster!
No.3: When predators approach us they will scurry away as soon as they see us!

Don’t forget to vote for me in the spectarioum room in Turtleria!

Felix Teere.

Luke’s Writing
Turtle’s speech
Hello everyone, I’m running for president my names is Sheldon I’m a turtle obviously.
I’m running for president because I am deeply concerned about the state of this zoo.
I’m thinking we should be more interesting to attract more visitors so the zookeepers will get money and spend the money on food for us.
Second of all the zookeepers should be more aware of the habitat us animals live in.
Also, all of the cousins of cats always try to eat us, so I demand that we get safer habitats as well as guards surrounding us.
This is why you should vote for me as president.

Miah’s Writing
Hi I’m Fluffy Mac-Book-Pro. I am here to talk about saving our oceans and our lives.
Marnie life are dying because of all the toxic and plastic waste. We can’t even get to our nesting grounds as humans have built roads in the way. Rubbish in our nesting places, beaches and seas. Have you seen the rivers of rubbish? This is unacceptable.
This is what we’re going to do about it.
Sea creatures will raise the plastic to the Birds. We will get the help from the birds to drop the plastic onto the humans. The birds that have helped will have clean drinking water. We are also going to get help from the beavers to cut the trees down that are in front of the road. We can then get to our nesting grounds safely. Beavers will benefit from this because there will be cleaner rivers.
The end results
The end result being cleaner oceans, better vision and most importantly saving lives.

Tibet’s Writing
My fellow humans and animals.
I want to thank you all for coming to my speech. I would like to address this speech to the humans. My and other turtles mothers’ lay their eggs at the beach. Humans have been littering the beaches and oceans. This prevents us from reaching old age and living a full life. Therefore, I am asking you to stop throwing metal, oil, plastic and other waste in the oceans.
This is also harmful to other species including humans, which means when you pollute the environment you also harm yourselves. My suggestion for a solution is reduce using too much materials to also reduce pollution.
I hope my speech will make a change, and we will all be able to live in a clean world.