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The Island of Light Writing Task

Sneha’s Writing

I woke up to find myself in the middle of nowhere. Sitting on the golden sand, I thought to myself; how did I get here? The marshmallow-like clouds drifted through the fluorescent blue sky. The ocean shimmered under the suns bright rays. I looked around, and I saw something that put a smile on my face: a snow-coloured seal wearing a lurid yellow hat. At first, I thought I was hallucinating, but then it walked up to me and said, “Hello I am Snowy and welcome to the Island of Lights, here you never see darkness,”
“Well, I’m Skylar and, how did I get here?” I asked. How is all of this even possible? Talking seals, no darkness.
“As you may be wondering,” said the seal somehow answering my question, ” You are here because you are needed here to help us close a portal.”
“Me? You must be mistaken. I can’t do anything,” Okay, I must be in a dream! All this stuff is impossible: talking seals, portals, no darkness and marshmallow clouds!
“Let’s go,” then the seal paused because of what was in front of us. A massive blob of darkness spread across the beach. The beautiful ocean turned a dark grey, the marshmallow clouds disappeared, and the fluorescent, blue sky turned black. The greenery turned brown. Snowy (who had now turned a dull grey) said “This is where you come in. Will you help us?”

Ishmael’s Writing 

Dear Diary,
It was 7:AM when mum said, ”kids it’s time to go.” We were on our way out for a day trip to the island of Light. So that we could leave straight away, I put my shoes on in a hurry, they weren’t even on properly but I didn’t care I was so excited. I put my coat hood over my head and waited in the front garden for everyone else.

By 7:15 AM, we were on the road beside the harbour, we parked the car and by. 7:30 AM we were on the boat and it was only us on it.  Suddenly a voice spoke over a speaker and we were told we would be there in 30 minutes.  The boat started to move. I looked into the water and saw it rippling as the boat sailed along.

At 8:AM we finally stepped off the boat and on the golden sand. At the front of the island there was a sign that said The Island Of Light. Beside the sign there was a cave with an abandoned fair ground inside, but no people.

We started to explore the island to see if we could find anyone but the island seemed to be deserted. Outside there were strange exotic animals like a sea snake with arms and a sea lion with legs that walked on crutches. They seemed to be following us like stray cats.

We returned to where our boat was but nothing was there. The boat had gone. How would we get back I thought.  My Dad said we could swim but Mom said it was too far.  We couldn’t leave. We were stuck on the island.

Time passed slowly as we searched around the Island.  It was getting dark. My Sister was hungry and I was thirsty. As we walked I spotted a tall tree with fruit that looked like apples. It was so tall we couldn’t see the top.   My Dad threw a stick to try and knock down some fruit, but as he threw the stick the snake  with arms spoke. He said ‘that wont work, you have to climb up’.  ‘You can speak English’ I said.  ‘yes I’m English and so is my friend’ he said pointing at the sea lion with crutches. ‘I’m Alf and this is Tim. We’re sailors’. ‘We were cursed by a sea serpent we were trying to catch. It left us stranded here as animals. The curse can only be broken if we can eat the fruit from this tree but we cant reach. Tim broke his legs after he fell down trying to climb it’.  ‘I can climb it, I’m good at climbing’ I said.

I slowly climbed the tree and reached the fruit.  They were purple looking apples that were as big as a pumpkin. I threw one down and then another until there was enough for us all to eat. I climbed down and we ate the fruit. It was delicious and full of juice.  It tasted like a combo of red apple, water melon, and strawberry.

By the time we had finished Alf and Tim had turned back into humans. ‘Thank you so much’ they both shouted. ‘Please tell us what we can do to repay you’.  ‘Please help us get home, our boat has left us stranded’ I said.  Alf and Tim started to gather wood and vines and told us all to do the same.  With our help they managed to build a solid raft big enough to carry us all. They mixed mud, water and dry grass to make a type of clay and then covered the raft to make it waterproof and it helped to make it look more like a real boat.

We climbed aboard and set sail. We got back to the harbor and we were finally safe.  As we climbed off the raft and dusted ourselves off, we turned to thank Alf and Tim.  ‘Thanks’ we shouted but they were gone and so was the raft as I looked around to see where they were, I heard my mom calling my name over and over. I looked round at her and suddenly woke up in bed to hear my moms voice calling me for breakfast.

The whole adventure had only been a dream.

Miranda’s Writing

Part One
The wind slowly caressed Angela’s soft snow-like skin. The sand gently consumed her body on the desolate island but at last she woke up. Completely unaware of her surroundings, she finally got up and began steading herself slowly but just as she was about to collapse a marshmallow chair appeared giving her a safe landing.
“What!” she thought to herself
It was then that’s she finally realized this place was highly weird and suspicious.
A few red flags were that there were cotton candy clouds and whenever she tried to find coconuts all the things that fell were chocolate biscuits and honestly they didn’t taste too good either.
Nothing ever made sense in this place and whenever a single thought would come into Angela’s head it was quickly clouded with a reoccurring thought of ‘I’m stuck here! What’s left for me to do?’
Her head was spinning uncontrollably and that’s when the whole world went black.
She collapsed.
She finally woke up in a dim room surrounding by endless darkness. She was tied up in some sort of sticky material.
A dark silhouette was carved out from the darkness. Their figure was stiff and unnerving. They were staring at her. The dark figure slowly approached her revealing his wounded face.
“I didn’t mean to scare you!” he said “I need your help. You’re the first person I’ve seen in years. And to save this world you need two humans. I know you may have lots of questions but let me explain myself. I know this place is odd but this is my home and I need you to help me save it!” at first the young girl was speechless trying to search for the right words to say. The proper words to say.
“And before you say anything else…
…Welcome to the Island of light.”

Luke’s Writing

Day 1 September 8th, 2020
Dear diary,
2 days ago, I set sail on a journey around the world I knew my crew well, so it was a shame when they died. My boat was beautiful especially when I first got it. The food wasn’t great but if I didn’t want to starve, I had to eat it. There was a storm on the first night. The waves were huge, and I was so scared that it was going to sink the boat, but it only damaged it slightly.
I woke up on my boat next to a weird island it is full of a bunch of walking gummy bears the size of my body, a unicorn, Pegasus’s and a fat person? I ate the gummy bears I used a hut as shelter and cooked a Pegasus as meat to eat. This place is beautiful but weird.
Day 2 September 9th, 2020
Dear diary,
When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect poop in front of the hut. I stole an egg from a chicken near by and ate bacon off of a pig that was my breakfast. I explored the island hoping to find some survivors instead I found more animals I’m starting to feel lonely now at least I’m not the boy in the tower from that one book.
I didn’t find lunch today it was mysterious because animals were all over the island until this afternoon. They came running back from the north side of the island “ill check it out tomorrow,” I thought. I had a 2-course meal since I didn’t have any lunch.
Day 3 September 10th, 2020
Dear diary,
This morning I drew the island on the world map then instantly it became normal I rubbed it off to see what would happen and it became paranormal I kept it that way because I wanted to see what was north. I kept walking until I saw a cave. Although it was obviously a cave, I still wondered what was in there. The inside was pink, shiny and kind of scary it had my best dreams to my worst nightmares. At the end of the cave I heard a roar was it a dragon was it a dinosaur I peeked around the corner it was only a lion thinking what it could be and what it is so it’s pretty underwhelming until it extended its neck and bitten my head off but what was I meant to do run away it would probably extend further I didn’t survive unluckily a shame to go out like that as well.

Ruby’s Writing

I woke up staring at the glistening sand and the crystal clear ocean. Something wasn’t right about this island though. The clouds looked like marshmallows and the serene blue sky was more brighter than usual. There was a small forest close by so I decided to search for food.

I stumbled across a small opening where I saw the strangest thing. There stood were loads of weird, wacky looking but sweet smelling plants. The aroma was ovewhelming. It reminded me of a sweet shop. I sauntered over to the plants and examined one of them closely. At first I thought it was glitter but in actual fact it was suger that coated the petals. I plucked one from the flower and ate it. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I frantically devoured them all at once. I was so full that I had to sit down for a moment. Whilst taking in the scenery around me, I hadn’t realised that the flowers I had just ate had already started to grow back.

Carrying on my hunt through the forest, time had been passing and it began to get darker and darker. I was nowhere near where I had woken up anymore so finding shelter was my next priority. Along the terrain I could see some rocky mounds, I hurried towards them. As I made my way it suddenly started to rain but it was rain I had never seen before. Instead of droplets of water it was blobs of chocolate. It was thick and sticky; when it landed on the sandy grass it bubbled and popped. Bewildered, I continued to run to the rocky mounds. To my amazement I found a small cave and decided to sleep there for the night. Before I went to sleep, I had to question myself.
What is this place?
Where am I?…

Tibet’s Writing

Day 1 11 a.m.
Well, I have started a diary but I’m not going to start every day by saying “dear diary”. This is more like a logbook. Why I started this diary (log) is because I am stranded on an island that god knows where. I don’t have any way of communicating with land and the boat I came here with is at the bottom of the ocean. There is an escape rowing boat but there’s no way I’ll survive on the way back.
Day 1 2 p.m.
At first I did have low hopes but it turned out that the situation was not so bad after all.
There are little pieces of jungle scattered around the island which might bear some fruit. They might be able to feed me on the journey. Yes, I am thinking of going back right at the beginning. But there’s bad news too. The little rowing boat just disappeared and I don’t think the waves took it because I saw some odd looking foot marks on the sand. I have looked for it but didn’t go far because I didn’t want to go into the jungle.
Day 1 5 p.m.
I am entering the jungle as I write. There are strange fruits which I have never seen before. I tasted one right now and to my luck it was sweet not poisonous so collected a dozen of them. Okay, I don’t know if I was dreaming but I think I just saw one of the trees move, and look at me! I ran out of the jungle and saw another thing. There were two birds sitting on a low branch which I ran into and one of them turned at me and said, “Watch it!”
If I knew they could talk I would’ve stated, “That’s not very kind of you.” But I didn’t. So, with my hand holding my chest, I continued running and didn’t stop until I was back at the beach.
Day 1 7 p.m.
I ate three of the fruit, rationing even though I didn’t have breakfast. But because it didn’t fill me up I ate two more. The rationing kind of had no point. I didn’t want to go into the jungle again. I don’t like surrealistic things. I tried to catch fish by hand but it was impossible.
Day 2 0 a.m.
I’ve been trying to sleep since ten. Thoughts, crickets and mosquitos are keeping me awake. The day was long enough but the night seems a lot longer. I just want to sleep.

Toys are Alive! Writing Task

Ruby’s Writing Task

Flopsy was a beautiful ballerina bunny. Her fur was fluffy and soft to touch. Her ears were decorated with a pink bow and a ballerina rose adorned her shimmery pink dress. She had been given to Ruby as a present from her grandad on her 2ndbirthday and ever since then, she never left Ruby’s side.

Flopsy lay on Ruby’s bed. Her ballerina dress and pumps shone in the sunlight that was beaming through the window. It was morning and rumbling noises came from the street outside as children skipped, and parents chatted whilst taking them to school. In burst Ruby, scooped up Flopsy and twirled her in the air. “See you later Flopsy” she said as she propped Flopsy on her pillow and darted back out of the room, hurried down the stairs and through the front door.

Soon the bustling noises and chitter chatter from outside died down and all was quiet. Flopsy sat up and turned her head, the coast was clear. She gave a little wink to Miss Ladybug the pillow pet, who turned, acknowledged Flopsy’s wink, and called out to the bedroom “coooo-cooooo” she called.

One by one Ruby’s toys and teddies began to come to life. “Ahhhhhhhhhh” Ted yawned as he stretched his arms above his head. Just as Flopsy was about to hop down from the bed, a red blur rushed under her feet and knocked her back. “Sorry there Flopsy. Just doing my morning tidy up”. It was Henry the Hoover out on his morning rounds. Flopsy giggled “No problem Henry” as she carefully dropped down. All the toys were out this morning, the bedroom was lively and full of activity.

As they started to settle into their morning routine,a loud,horrendous noise came from the door. It was that loud that thetoys started to shake! Suddenly,the noise stopped. The toys froze. BANG!!! The door flung open, knocking Flopsy to the side. A big,grey,furry ball came hurtling through the door followed by a monster. The monster was making an awfulwailing noise and proceeded to charge into Ruby’s room. The toys began dashing and leaping out of the monster’s way.

Flopsy recognised the monster as Ruby’s two-year old sisterand the grey furry ball as Pengu. She carefully made her way to Pengu, ensuring to dodge the flailing limbs of the monster. “Pengu” she cried. The penguin slowly turned, a bit dazed from being thrown. “If you run back to the door she might follow you!” Flopsy shouted. Pengu nodded and he began to roll, making his way back out. Suddenly, Amy stopped and saw Pengu outside of the room. As quick as a flash, she ran and left, leaving chaos behind her.

The toys began to emerge once again. A few of them were bruised but they were all ok, except for Flopsy. As she stood in the middle of the room, the other toys gasped. “Oh Flopsy” Miss Ladybug said. “Your arm”. Flopsy looked down, her arm was ripped. The other toys came rushing over to her. “Don’t worry” Sheepy the sheep said. “We’ll fix it”. The toys started searching the room for something to mend Flopsy’s arm.

From blu tac, to glue, nothing would fix Flopsy’s arm. Miss Ladybug flew Flopsy back onto the bed. “Don’t be upset Flopsy” but Flopsy was worried. “What if Ruby doesn’t love me anymore? ” she thought and began to sob. She lay back on the pillow and fell asleep.

Some hours passed and a familiar voice could be heard. Flopsy opened her eyes. Ruby was finally home. She secretlyturned her head. Her arm was fixed!! Ruby jumped on her bed, scooped Flopsy up and gave her a hug. “I don’t know how it happened Flopsy but your arm was damaged. Don’t worry though, mummy fixed it so your as good as new”. With that Ruby put Flopsy back on the bed and went downstairs. Flopsy was so happy. She turned and gave a little wink to Miss Ladybug, who turned and winked back.

The end.

By Ruby with some help.

Ruby’s Comic

Ruby has been spending part of her week creating an amazing comic for us all to see! Check it out below.

Tibet’s Writing Task

Our Toys
I woke up. There was a faint tapping sound. I quietly got up and looked at my mechanical wall clock. It was 3 AM. I silently placed both my feet on the floor. I then walked up to the door wondering what the noise was. Without a sound, I carefully took the key out of the keyhole and peaked through it. My brother always leaves his door open so I could see into his room. And when I did see what was inside I could not believe my eyes.

His toys were moving! It looked like they were speaking too but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Later that midnight I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to.

I lay in bed thinking if what I saw was real or not. I woke up early and told everything I saw during that incident in my bedroom (I was afraid his toys would hear if we spoke in his room). For him to really believe me he slept in my room that night. He then took things for real.

I told this to other people but nobody listened. I told mum and dad but I’m sure they were just pretending to be amazed because they forgot about it afterwards. At school we told our friends but I’m not sure if they understood us because they said that they had talking and walking toys too.

When we got home we couldn’t find my brothers toys anywhere. Mum and dad said they had bought us new ones and gave the old ones to the charity shop that was across the street.

I could see that my brother was about to explode into tears and I asked a question a bit odd for that time. “Can a friend have a sleepover at our house tonight?” I asked.

“Well yes, of course.” Dad answered. Mum agreed afterwards.

I took my brother upstairs and told him what my plan was. Half an hour later a friend arrived. He was older than me and my brother. That’s why I called him. That night we rescued my brother’s toys. We quietly crossed the street and tip-toed to the charity shop. We went in through the back door (People always leave that open). I didn’t feel guilty because we replaced the old toys with the new ones and nobody was going to know. Were they???

Miranda’s Writing Task

Assignment 1

Task: If your toys were to come alive while you were asleep, what sort of things would they get up to?

A loud echoing snore surrounded the room.

 It was time.

 I slowly pushed the gate of the toy box to unleash the open world, letting myself enjoy the open world once again. It was pitch black, me and Barbie sprinted across the carpet helping the other toys reach freedom. I hate this job! They didn’t tell me it was going to be this hard! Waking up day after day serving for the likes of People like Maddie (our owner) that girl sure does have anger issues we have had to give Woody two major surgeries in the past from her opening him up and throwing around his stuffing just because he couldn’t take his gun out of his sown down pockets, which have had to been stitch 4 times already and she only bought him 2 weeks ago. “Finally, the day is over. I’ve never been so scared of daylight since they put that tape in my back,” Woody exclaimed in pain. “Well at least you don’t have to play ring-a-round-a-roses with a real life giant!”

“What’s the problem with that?” I asked “You seem to have the perfect life. At least you don’t want to be an abomination’s chew toy. Every bite is a needle in my pink fluffy heart,” suddenly all their button eyes were set on me.


“Hey! Are we going to continue chatting here or are we going to the place we planned to go!” Barbie yelled shooting deep daggers right into Ken’s chest.

“Hey! What’s going on between them two?” Wreck it Ralph asked nudging me in my most sensitive place of fluff.

“Oh! Barbie found Ken talking to a Bratz doll last week and since then they have not been on the best terms. Basically saying that they are ‘on a break’. But she’s right we need to go before they cancel.  ” I whispered into his hollow ear.

All 5 us silently crept across the carpet slowly entering the scary place called ‘The Wardrobe’ Wreck It Ralph opened up for us and there we were.

The Toys Annual Poker Night.

“This is going to be good…”

Lucas’s Writing Task

Sneha’s Writing Task

I woke up to the sound of voices, but they weren’t my parents. They were coming from a tiny tent that was on my bed. I went to explore. When I opened the tent’s rock sized door, I was welcomed with my sister’s worn-down yellow bear shrieking at me, “How dare you interrupt our meeting!” I was shocked. When were toys able to talk? That’s a mystery yet to be solved. A few moments later, a bright blue outline with red eyes came out of the red and white tent. “Honey,” it whispered calmly, “settle down, It’s just the girl” what did they mean by it’s just the girl? Honey (who was the yellow bear) stared at me with her jet-black eyes and frowned. She despised me, even though she hadn’t properly met me. I never knew toys could be this mean. I thought they were sweet and cuddly. The blue figure was a penguin with red button eyes sewn on with bright yellow thread. “Well, seeing that you’re here,” said the small toy, “I’m Smiffy and that is Honey,” He motioned over to the pocket-sized yellow bear. Silence filled the room the only sound that you could hear was the breeze singing an exquisite sound that was carried along the night sky, the stars skipped around the moon. Then, the silence was split into a million pieces. “SMIFFY JUST TELL HER, SHE MIGHT HELP US!” shouted Honey she was super angry. She even pushed the tent off my bed. “Alright Honey you didn’t have to shout a simple please was fine but alright,” Smiffy said looking at me as if the bear was crazy,” Okay follow me,” He signalled over to my sister’s room. When we got there I noticed a galaxy coloured circle in the centre of her bed. ” This is the door leading to Smockeroon, it’s a village where toys live when their owners don’t use them,” Smiffy stated “but it’s broken. Will you help us fix it?”

The end

Sophie’s Writing Task

A small pink cheetah leaped across Sophie’s bed. “Stop your going to wake her, we need to get back to our spots on the bed!”whispered blue, who was a blue fox.

“I know, but I wanted to see the human up close, you worry to much” She shouted over to him.

“No I don’t” he d back” Can you be a little quieter, you’ll wake the human?” he whispered.

“See!”, She said ” You did it again! “. He rolled his eyes when she looked the other way and hopped she didn’t see it.” I saw that! “She shouted
” Lets just go before everyone leaves” he whispered.

“Fine” she said rolling her eyes. They quickly jumped down from the bed and met the others, who were standing at the door, Isabella and Blue led there friends to the giant pink doll house that stood in Sophie’s sister’s room. They went up and down the doll house stairs, jumped on the doll house furniture and talked to the dolls who seemed really nice. Next the bigger teddies climbed onto the kitchen counter and pulled the chocolate and biscuits from the high cupboards. Then made some tea and juice. Next they scoffed down some crisps.

When then they were finally full, they walked into the living room and snuggled down on the couches. Isabella searched between the couch cushions and found the remote. Then turned on everyone’s favourite show, friends.

A few hours later, the sun was shining through the curtains and someone finally notice. “What time is it?” they shouted.

” Its half six! ” everyone shouted back. They all ran up the stairs and jumped onto Sophie’s bed forgetting to sweep up all the combs they left in the kitchen and living room.

Luke’s Writing Task

The Toy and The Boy

Here I am in my bed surrounded by a bunch of cute but creepy toys this is the story how I got in this cute pile of mess. Hi, my name is Luke I am a normal boy in isolation but every time I look away I either hear a clank squeak or plonk. But one night I saw it, a teddy bear, on its feet it was weird because I blinked, and it fell on the floor although I’m pretty sure a bear doesn’t fall that quick. That night I went to sleep but I’m not sure if it was a dream or reality but, I became my bear. I didn’t know what to do or what happened but all I know is that I’m a bear. I walked up to one of the toys I keep in my closet then I poked it and it yawned its self-awake “wait what am I doing inside this toy”

“That’s what I was thinking, oh and what’s your name”

“Bob, wait a minute who are you”

“Luke” I said “but what I want to know is how we got in these toys” in our bedroom we decided to try and wake our self’s up and it worked.

So now I’m a boy standing in front of my teddy bear deciding to put it in the bin or keep it in my bedroom. It is a hard decision because it is my favourite and because it was weird. But I decided to keep it because I thought it was some kind of weird superpower. So, I persuaded my mum to get a dream diary for me and on that  night I became my teddy  bear again and every day it happened but one month later I didn’t  wake up to find out that I’m a teddy bear I woke up in my human body surrounded by a bunch of cute but creepy toys, breaking them one by one. Why am I breaking them? You may ask because they were attacking me. Then I woke up another lucid dream at least I think it was. when I got back to sleep, I was a teddy bear once again “this is getting old” I said not knowing this is the last time I’ll be it. I jumped off the bed then suddenly I ripped the bear. I woke up with a sound of terror in my voice because at the side of my bed is a bear gasping for air, I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there waiting till it was all over. After that night I told my mum everything and sowed the bear back as good as new so now I never become a teddy bear in my dreams ever again but I do still believe that there is someone with me every night.

Abigail’s Writing Task

Dear diary

Today I done the must fantastic job you could have in the world. So, I woke up and felt scared then I felt safe because I had the one and only Abi cuddling me. Suddenly, remembered that it was Easter Sunday and I had to do something special today. I got out of the warm bed, crept down stairs and found that there was no eggs in the house for the family! So I got in my portal and went to Cadbury world (I know pretty cool) when I got there the people who work there stopped me and asked “how many people would you like chocolate eggs for?’’ and I said “4 people please‘’ and they said “okay‘’. When I got home, I put the eggs on the kitchen side and I felt so good that I started dancing around and singing to myself “I just made a very sad family happy”.

Paris’s Writing Task

Game on!

“Come on, he’s fallen to sleep; let’s go, it’s finally time” declared the captain of the Red Team. “This is the night all of us have been waiting for!“.

Whilst Travis was being amused by his own dream, he was totally unaware that the annual Fussball Tournament was about to take place in his own bedroom. “Let’s show them what we’re made of” encouraged the Blue Captain. The atmosphere was filled with adrenalin and hope. Who would win?

The whistle blew. Game on. You could feel the tension building up inside the room. Players might not of had expressions on their miniature, wooden painted faces but there was passion deep within each player.

It was coming to half time and the score was 2-2. “Come on Blue team, it’s nearly half time; just dig in for these last couple of minutes then we can have our short break, rest and go over new tactics.”

The teams settled down on their separate spaces on the pitch and tried to think of different ways to win the big game. Both teams were having big discussions but they had to be cut short because it was already time for the next half of the cup. By the 80th minute the score was still 2-2 and neither side had got remotely close to scoring.
No-one knew what would happen or who would snatch the winning goal.

The Blue Team Captain dribbled through all of the players then took a shot.

“Oh” gasped all the players as they automatically went back to their positions and froze. There was a stirring noise coming from Travis’s bed. Not only did the captain dribble the ball with fantastic skill, he had also underestimated his own power. What was meant to be the winning goal of the cup was the shot that had stopped the tournament completely!

“What’s this?” said a bewildered Travis, whilst he pulled a little black and white sphere out of his hair.

Ishmael’s Writing Task

Ishamel’s favourite toys are kept under his bed in three boxes. One box is full of Marvel action figures, another one is full of DC action figures and the last one is full of cars.

One night when there was a full moon and he was drifting off to sleep, something very strange happened. The toys came to life and started to explore his room.

The marvel toys stayed close to their box and the DC toys went to the other side of the room. The cars started doing laps around the two groups. They were all playing happily in their groups but not together.

One of the cars called Grem had a broken wheel and couldn’t join in with the other cars, so he went off to find other broken toys he could play with. He almost gave up and stopped to rest by Ishmael’s wardrobe. Then he heard a voice saying “Hey, can you help us get down from here, we’re stuck”. Grem looked up and saw 4 Ninja turtles on top of the wardrobe “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t go anywhere,” Grem shouted.
“We cant go anywhere, that’s the problem,” said one of the turtles.
“Oh yeah that’s right. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

Grem went to his best bet for help, Lenny the pickup truck. Lenny was the biggest vehicle of the lot. He could help with anything, “Lenny I need your help. We need to get the DC and Marvel toys to get along, so we can all team together and rescue the Ninja turtles from on top of the wardrobe” Grem stated.
“There is no chance Grem, they hate each other and they’re not very friendly,” Replied Lenny.

Just then Grem had an idea. “Let me use your megaphone Lenny” Grem took Lenny’s megaphone and shouted, “Everybody hear me out. We need to take away the bad blood between us because this is just a misunderstanding. Marvel toys think that DC toys don’t like them and the same thing with the DC toys. We cars think that none of you like us, but we don’t even know each other”.
“I agree. We all have to live here so we need to get along” Said Superman of the DC toys.
“Look we need to team together and help the Turtles get down from the wardrobe. They’re stuck and want to join in with the fun.”

The Marvel and DC toys both said “Fine, lets make a plan”.
“If this was real life I would just fly up there and get them,” said Superman.
“Well I’d be able to climb up there and get them, which would be much safer,” said Spiderman of the Marvel toys.
“Safer than flying with the strongest man in the world? I don’t think so,” Superman said in a bossy tone.
“You’re not the strongest man in the world,” Spiderman replied angrily.
“GUYS GUYS GUYS,” Grem shouted “There’s no point in arguing, we can’t fly or climb, so let’s think of something we can actually do”.
Just then Lenny spoke “I’ve got an idea, if all the DC and Marvel toys climb onto each others shoulders there might be enough of them to make a toy ladder that reaches all the way to the top of the wardrobe so the turtles can climb down.”
“Great idea,” Grem said.
“I was just about to say that,” Spiderman said.
“Okay let’s get started,” said Superman “I’ll go at the bottom because I’m the strongest.”
“Whatever,” said Spiderman.

They slowly started to climb onto each others shoulders, getting higher and higher. When they were nearly half way there, they were frightened by a loud rumbling noise. “What was that?” said Grem.
“Sounded like thunder,” said Spiderman.
“Or a machine gun,” said Superman.
“No no don’t panic, I know what that is, Ishmael must have had baked beans for dinner,” said Lenny
“Okay let’s carry on.” said Grem.

They reached the top and rescued the turtles. “Thanks guys you’re teamwork saved us,” said one of the turtles. “Why can’t you be friends all of the time?”
“I think it’s because we have nothing in common,” Superman said sadly.

“Well, we can help with that,” said one of the turtles. ‘We’ll teach you something you can all do together and help each other to get better at.”

“What is it you’re going to teach us?” asked Spiderman.

“We’re going to teach you our style of Martial Arts called Ninjutsu. That way you can all practice together and you will have something in common.”

“Shall we give it a go?” Grem asked all the toys.

“YEAH” everyone shouted.

They practised until Ishmael started to wake up and then went back to their original places. Ishmael woke up and didn’t suspect a thing. He had no idea that the adventure had taken place.

The End.

Reuben’s Writing Task

Once upon a time there was a eight year old boy who loves his toys called Jason. But every time he left his room something magical happens. The toys come to life completely but some how he doesn’t know. He has no idea they come alive every time he leaves the room.

For some reason the favourite toy is in charge of the community of toys. So they all listen to this toy called Joseph ,he is a soldier toy, he makes sure that everyone is safe. He even has his own soldier army to keep them safe. He loved being in charge because he felt extra special . Then Jason came back everyone went back where they are ment in the room and fell on there spot on the floor in the room! The reason they don’t come alive in front of Jason is because they don’t want to scare him. When he came back in he came with a bunch of Roman soldiers in a yacht like box on his bed and then he ran down stairs.

Suddenly the boxes began to open, Joseph sent some of his men to go and check it out but the rest protected everyone. But there was a space man toy who was curious but he did not like what was happening he was called Michael. There was also some one called stringy he was a car that could stretch really far. Suddenly the box opened, he was equipped with armour. He began to introduce him self and his army he said his name was Timothy and he was a chief Roman soldier. All of the toys in the room adored him and he adored them two but Joseph didn’t feel right about Timothy. And neither did he. They where both quit small. A few weeks later they where neighbours but they always had wars because they hated each other it was a disaster but neither of them would achieve a win it was quit awkward .But they are determined to defeat each other. But when they where fighting by the window they fell out in the dark and gloomy hole in the path then Jason came back and he…

Home Learning 27.04.2020

Hello Eagles,

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thank you to those children who are sending me the work they are doing – I really love seeing what you have been up to! It would be great if more of you could share your work with me, I really do miss reading it. Remember you can send me your work at , or you can email me if you need any help with anything.

Bellow is this week’s work, including your new writing task.

Maths & English
SPAG Summer Week 2
Spelling Summer Week 2
Daily Math Week Beginning 27th April

Writing Task

This week I want you to imagine that you are on an adventure and you come across this wonderful island. The island is called ‘The Island of Lights’ and people in the past have claimed to see clouds made of marshmallows, sea lions walking using crutches and many more weird and wonderful things!

I would like you to write me a story or a diary entry about your time stuck on this island. It can be as imaginative as you like! Or you can keep it realistic – your choice.

In your writing I would like to see:
► descriptive language (maybe you could brainstorm all the words that come to mind when you see this picture and then add the description!)
► expanded noun phrases (reminder:
► parenthesis (reminder:
► a range of sentence types (short sentences for effect, complex sentences, etc.

I hope you enjoy writing this, I am really looking forward to reading some more of your work.

Take care all of you, I hope to see you again soon!

Miss Edwards

Writing Task

Hello again Eagles, I have more work for you!

Each week, along with the other work I have been setting you, I will now be giving you a short writing task to focus on. I know how much some of you love your writing and are probably missing it terribly so hopefully this helps! I would also love to read them and maybe share a few on the blog! Email them to me using the teacher help email address (

This is your task for this week. I am very excited to read them – I hope they’ll be full of adventure!

You can choose how you respond to this challenge card. You might want to write a story (I’m thinking of Toy Story!) or you could write a diary entry from the perspective of one of the toys instead. It is up to you what you choose to do!

In your writing I would also like to see:

expanded noun phrases (reminder:
range of different sentences (short sentences for effect, complex sentences, etc.
parenthesis (reminder:

Good luck Eagles! I really can’t wait to read them!

Miss Edwards

Home Learning 20.4.20

Hi Eagles!

Welcome back! I hope you and your families all had a wonderful break over Easter and a well-deserved rest.
Who was still doing the Joe Wicks PE lessons during the holidays? I noticed he was still uploading them. Remember if you miss it, you can always do it later in the day – it’s very important to stay active!

Anyway, here is your work for this week. Just like there was last time, there is some daily maths for you to do and some English work that you can spread across the week. The answers for the 4 a-day maths will be posted on Friday.

Stay safe,

Miss Edwards

Activities to download
Daily Math Week Beginning 20th April
Grammar Revision – Grammatical Terms and Word Classes
SPAG Summer Week 1


Hi Eagles!

I hope you have all been spending time practising your spellings. Here are your next set below:


Remember there are lots of different ways you can practise and I posted a few ideas with the first set of spellings. But for these, can you put each word into a sentence?

Miss Edwards


Here are your next set of spellings. I won’t be setting you another set now until after the Easter holidays as I think you all deserve a little break from all the work you have been completing at home.


With these words I am setting you 2 challenges:

► Use each word in a sentence (for fun can you think of a silly sentence that uses as many of the words as possible? Post them below using the comments form)
► Find a synonym for each word

Over the Easter holidays if you still feel like working you can keep busy with the spelling practise and activities above. Remember there are lots of websites you can use to do a bit of maths practise if you wish.

There is also a new reading blog on the school website that you can check out if you haven’t seen it yet! Both pupils and teachers are posting some brilliant book reviews on there so take a look. There is also a fantastic piece of writing that Mrs Butterworth has posted, it’s all about the only girl in school. Go and have a read – it’s great! Oh and don’t forget to post your own book reviews on there too as I know some of you will have been reading constantly over these last couple of weeks.

It would also be really nice, if you have some time, to write a diary of one of your days in the Easter holidays. I would love to hear how you are all keeping yourselves busy! You can then email them to me using this email address and I will post as many as I can on the blog. Be sure to write my name in the subject of the email so that I know it is for me. Remember parents, you can also use this email address to seek support if your child is struggling with any of the work that has been set, I am more than happy to help and will answer any questions as soon as I can.

I will be back with more work on the blog for you on 20th April. This will include the usual daily maths activities as well as some English work.

Have a fabulous break all of you. Eat lots of chocolate, keep up the daily exercising and most importantly, stay safe!

Have a very happy Easter!

Miss Edward