Monthly Archives: January 2020

Baking a rationing recipe!

After a very long wait year 6 finally were able to create their rationing recipe – honey cakes! The children had previously planned for these cakes and considered the ingredients and equipment that would be needed.

The children had to work in small groups to measure, weigh and mix the ingredients together before kneading the mixture and creating small honey cakes. The children then waited for their cakes to bake and filled out their evaluation forms. Once they had finished, the children tasted their cakes and evaluated the flavour and texture. They then tasted modern day Madeira cake and compared it to the rationing recipe.


As part of RE, Year 6 have been discussing the term remembrance. We started off with a discussion about what the term meant.

Abigail – it means to remember the soldiers who fought in the war
Llukan – remembering loved ones
Anastasya – remembering past events that have happened and people who risked their lives for our country

We then discussed Remembrance day and what that day represents before talking about why it is important to have.

Josh T – it is important because it is an opportunity to remember the people who gave their lives for us
Rishita – it is important to remember those who died in the war
Anastasya – it is important as it shows that we respect what the people did
Khaltum – it is important as it shows appreciation

Negative comments online

For Year 6’s online safety lesson this term they discussed negative comments online and how these can be turned into positive comments. Here are what some of the children think about the way people communicate online:

After their discussions, the children then went on to completing a worksheet where they were required to turn a series of negative comments into more positive ones.