Monthly Archives: February 2019

Remembering roots and commitment

Year 6 discussed what they thought “Roots and commitment” meant. It was a very interesting discussion.

We also discussed how roots and commitment are shown in this country. The children quickly remembered that we have “Remeberance Day”. This is a day the country has committed to remembering World War II. Remembering the past ensures we don’t forget the hardships or victories and how they were achieved.

The class then looked at commitment and what they felt people can and do and commit to.

We decided these were among the most important things to commit to:

► Family
► Friends
► Job
► Hobbies
► Behaviour
► Pets
► Chores
► School

We also read and discussed the story of Noah. He showed a lot of commitment as he worked for over a year to build the boat for his family and all the animals. His commitment to God was rewarded. His family survived the flood. We discussed how he would not have known that and and yet he committed regardless of his eventual “reward”.
We often commit to things for lots of reason and not always because we will gain something from it.

That is why a commitment is so hard yet satisfying.