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Algebra style maths quiz in Scratch

Year 6 have continued their understanding of Scratch and started to create a maths quiz with algebra by setting values for a and b. The questions are then generated automatically from the a and b values.

Today, Eagles used ‘pick random number’, ‘set value to’ blocks in their program so the user is prompted with random questions.

Mya and Cody showed the rest of the class some useful tips on how to program their quizzes.

We’ll have the completed quizzes by the end of the week.

Our completed Scratch maths quizzes

Year 6 Eagles have today completed their maths quizzes in Scratch. They continued to use the ‘If Else’ blocks and variable data blocks to program their quizzes which included a number of maths related questions.

The variable in the game was a scorecard to add a point for each correctly answered question, and takeaway a point for incorrect answers.

Here are some examples of the children’s work below. Let us know what you think.







If Else and variable blocks

During Computing today with Mr Baddhan, Year 6 started to create a maths quiz in Scratch, they used ‘If Else’ blocks to tell the program if the question is correct, then it will say “well done” else it will say “wrong try again”.

The children also included variable blocks in their program to use as a scorecard, if the correct answer was entered, then the points tally would increase.

A variable is a data block which tells the program this will change once programmed.

We will have some examples of children’s work on this blog tomorrow.

SATS celebration

And so… for yet another year – the SATS are over! The children in Year 6 have once again worked extremely hard and kept their focus throughout the week. Now it’s time to celebrate all their hard work. We started yesterday with our conga around the whole school…it was great fun. Take a look at the photos!