Monthly Archives: December 2016

Red Cross workshop



Year 6 took part in a fabulous workshop on how to help save lives, run by the Red Cross.

It was full of role play situations and the children got to practice their life saving skills on each other.

They learnt all about the correct procedures to carry out if anyone around them was in danger. Such as: someone with a heavy bleed, a diabetic emergency, a seizure, or a burn. They were also taught how to carry out chest compressions if someone they were with had stopped breathing. They practiced on the Red Cross’s dummy – Annie.

The children have now got some very useful skills that they can use if ever they need to.



In RE this week, year 6 have been looking into what we all need to survive. They created a mind map of all the elements required to allow us to strive as individuals, and discussed the importance of each one. Next week the children will be shown exactly what we require to survive and they will compare these with their own original ideas.