Monthly Archives: November 2016

Kai the Kipper!


Today Year 6 were very proud of one of it’s star pupils… Kai E; who stepped into the role of ‘Kipper’ and appeared at his own birthday party in Reception. He dressed up as the popular character and shared party food and cake with all the children. He was last seen leading a ‘Conga’ around the reception playground. Well done Kai…you really made the children smile today!

Anti-bullying week

Year 6 have had a fabulous week celebrating anti-bullying week. We have come up with 25 ways to be kind to others and answered a letter from an imaginary child called Fred who is being bullied. The children also wrote unkind words (that they have received at some point) onto a paper heart and then screwed the heart up to signify the damage this can do to us inside. We then spent time completing an ‘act of kindness’ to others both inside and outside of school. I was very lucky and received lots of compliments and offers of help! It has been a thoroughly enjoyable week and the children have gained a lot from it.

Writing play scripts


Recently Eagles have been studying play scripts in English lessons. They have looked at a range of plays containing both formal and informal language. The children then wrote their own variation of a play, adding changes to enhance the script. They worked really well as a group and were able to show their performances to each other and offer ways to improve them.

Christmas card competition


Year 6 have been invited to take part in a very special ‘Christmas card competition’. Steve McCabe (our local MP) has asked the children to design a Christmas card illustrating what Christmas means to them. The winning entry will be printed and used by Mr McCabe himself.

The child with the winning design will receive a prize such as tickets to the Snow Dome, Dudley Zoo or Cadbury World.