Monthly Archives: October 2016

Our School Councillors


Year 6 would like to introduce our newly elected School Councillors:

Maisy and Samuel both produced a confident and positive speech on why they would be the best candidate for the role. They were the resounding winners by several votes.

Well done to you both… we look forward to hearing from you after your first School Council meeting.

Fair and just



Today Year 6 have been focusing on the RE topic of what is ‘fair and just’. They have been learning about how people can be treated unfairly or with prejudice. We focused on how the Jewish population were persecuted during WWII, and how even today people are still suffering due to the prejudiced behaviour of others.

The children had a very grown up sensible discussion and were able to give their views and opinions on all aspects discussed.

School Council elections


Today Eagles had their annual School Council elections. There were 13 applicants who wished to be considered for the two roles available. The class heard everyone’s manifestos which had been extremely well planned by all the individuals taking part and the votes have been left with Mrs Croft to be counted.

Stay tuned… we will be announcing the lucky two on next week’s blog.