Monthly Archives: September 2016

Classification keys


Today Eagles continued with their Science topic… ‘Classifying Critters’, and had a go at producing a classification key of their own. They were put into small groups and had to work together in order to come up with a series of questions that each child had to answer. Then they drew the key onto the playground and put each child in the relevant box. They had a lot of fun but also learnt a great deal about how to produce an accurate key. All groups managed to complete their key and place their group in the relevant place. Well done Year 6 – some excellent team work!

Professor McGinty time travels back to World War


This week Year 6 were visited by the fabulous historian (time travel detective) – Professor McGinty.

As always he had the children in stitches but they also learnt a great deal about both World wars. They were able to demonstrate their already vast knowledge of this particular period in time, as well as enhancing their learning by focusing on such areas as:
Evacuation, Rationing, Make-do-and-mend and weaponry. The children are now applying their extensive knowledge to their writing in both English and Humanities.

Classifying Critters


Year 6 have started their Science topic, ‘Classifying Critters’. We have been learning about how animals are grouped as well how to classify plants. We started by understanding how to follow a classification key (with plants) and then went into the playground to have a go at following one Mrs Croft had written. Next week the children will be designing their own classification key and will be having a go at placing all the children in their group onto the key. Take a look at the photos so far.

World War 1


Year 6 have started to look at WWI in English. They have already learnt all about how it started and focused on various famous soldiers such as Walter Tull and Harry Patch. The children have shown a real interest in the subject. This week after lots of research, four children took the role of ‘Walter’ himself and answered questions asked by the rest of the class in order to find out more about his life and achievements. They are now writing diary entries and letters as the voice of Walter Tull and Harry Patch.