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‘Chocolate Come Dine with Me’ – Day 4

This group were the competition winners!
This group were the competition winners!
This was the winning cake!
This was the winning cake!

It was the day everyone had been waiting for… the ‘Come Dine with Me’ final! Year 6 made their cakes, with a massive help from Miss Davis in the kitchen this morning. The children worked very well together in their groups to create some delightful cakes!

Mrs Sabir and Mrs Hill had the pleasure of being judges for this years edition of Year 6 come dine with me! And they took their job very seriously!

After judging all the cakes, the group of Megan, Sam, Carvell, Yayhe, Justin and Jacy were winners of the competition!

Congratulations to the whole of year 6 for your massive effort this week, and a huge thank you to Miss Davis, Mrs Sabir and Mrs Hill for all their help.

‘Chocolate Come Dine with Me’ – Day 3



The focus on todays aspect of the D&T project was to produce an A3 advert for the cake the children would create, to be used in café and restaurants across the country. Year 6 used plenty of colour, persuasive language and adjectives to entice the customer to buy their cakes! All the groups made a display card for their cake to present to the judges, listing ingredients with a brief description.

Well done on your outstanding work!

‘Chocolate Come Dine with Me’ – Day 2



On Tuesday, Year 6 spent time researching ingredients that they would need to make their cake. Once they completed this, children used the net books to complete an Computing assignment comparing prices between the major supermarkets for items that they require.

And to finish, Year 6 wrote instructions on how to make their cake, paying attention to the numbered steps and quantities they would require.

‘Chocolate Come Dine with Me’ – Day 1


On Monday, Year 6 started a very popular and exciting D&T project entitled ‘Chocolate Come Dine with Me.’ With chocolate being involved, Year 6 have already been very interested in it!

The project is a week long, with each day focusing on a different aspect, ending with the children’s recipe being judged by various judges.

Today, year 6 researched different types of chocolate that are available in the shops at the minute, and were asked to rate the different types on appearance, taste, texture, and overall score out of 10.

As you can imagine, year 6 really enjoyed spending the morning tasting chocolate!

Components of a circuit


Today Year 6 have had a fabulous Science afternoon learning about components of a circuit and how to construct one. They used a variety of components such as: wires, bulbs, batteries and buzzers to construct a working circuit. They are now all able to recognise and draw a range of components. Take a look at some of the pictures.