Monthly Archives: June 2016

HTML programming / Turtle



Year 6 have tried different types of programming today learning about HTML language (for building websites) and Turtle programming to build shapes.

Mr Baddhan asked the children to draw three shapes square, triangle and a rectangle in the Turtle program. The triangle shape was much more challenging but some of the children tried various angles to get the correct equilateral triangle.



When the children completed their Turtle programming shapes, they were asked to change some parts of a HTML code to modify the image, text and background colour.

First Aid


Today Year 6 took part in THE BIG FIRST AID LESSON. It was a live-streamed hour’s lesson on areas of importance such as: Treating someone whose had a seizure, who has been stung, and someone who is choking. The class watched how to treat patients dealing with such traumas and heard real-life stories from families that had found themselves in these kind of situations. Why not ask your child what they learned; they could be responsible for saving a life one day!

Creating a game using Kodu


Year 6 Eagles brushed on their game making skills today by utilising their programming knowledge in Kodu.

Mr Baddhan showed the children how to create a game by adding several objects to their world and collecting them using a rover. Each apple represented one point and once three points were added, the game would end by saying ‘Winner’.

Here are some of the children working on Kodu. By Friday, we should have some completed games to view on our blog here.

Feeling joyous

Eagles today discussed feeling joyous! There were lots of great examples!


There were lots of wonderful examples which we went on to explore.

We looked a personal moments of feeling joy and collective times.

Receiving gifts and being included are lovely and are personal but celebrations can be collective.

We started discussing Eid Ul- Fitr which comes at the end of the month of fasting (Ramadan). As Ramadan is now, Eid will be in a few weeks. Lots of children remembered some of the facts about Ramadan. We will be looking at this again next week.

App programming using java


Year 6 visited the Samsung Digital Academy at Harborne Academy today to learn about programming using java language.

Eagles class showed fantastic understanding of some of their programming knowledge from previous lessons with Mr Baddhan and Mr Whitehouse. Learning java was like learning a new language and the children exceeded in their expectations.

The app they designed was to program a canon hitting a UFO, the UFO would then explode if it was touched by the rocket.

The children tested their games using an iPad.

Programming a rocket launch



Year 6 Eagles used the BBC’s Microbit chip today to program a rocket launch.

The children coded created a code which counted down from three and paused every second. When it reached zero, the words ‘blast off’ appeared on the led screen.

It was another enjoyable lesson for the Eagles who are equipping themselves for Computing at secondary school level.

Thank you to Mr Whitehouse for leading today’s lesson.

Creating a Maths quiz game


Eagles class have continued with their Computing lessons today creating a Maths quiz game using Scratch.

Mr Whitehouse from Samsung Digital Academy spent the afternoon with the children building the quiz explaining repetition, debugging and algorithms.

The children were told to add 10 questions to their quiz using different Maths question and answers. They then tried each others games to see if the games worked well.

Thank you to Mr Whitehouse for today’s lesson.

Using emails



During Computing with Mr Baddhan, Year 6 Eagles were introduced to their own school emails.

The children discussed the positive impact of using emails compared to other forms of communication. They also discussed the security and online safety aspect of emails.

All the Year 6 children now have their own email and can email each other. The children were shown around the various email folders including inbox and sent items.

Parents please note that the children are only allowed to email with the school domain and not to strangers. All communication is monitored.

The children were set two tasks by Mr Baddhan:

1. Email their teacher Mrs Croft and tell her how much they’ll miss her when they leave Bells Farm.
2. Email a mystery email address and one person will receive a prize winning email back.

Designing a theme park



Now that SATS are over Year 6 are keeping up their Maths practice by designing a Theme Park. They have a set spending limit and must design and draw their park adding all the relevant items a theme park would have. There are a wide variety of rides to choose from and the children are making sure they add other items such as paths and cafes to enhance their park.

They are using their maths knowledge to keep a running total of their expenditure and making sure they do not go over budget.

It’s a fabulous opportunity to use their skills and to also find out if we have any budding accountants at bells Farm!