Monthly Archives: February 2016

Around the World in 80 days


Year 6 have just started their new Spring Term topic ‘Around the World in 80 days’. Before half term Mrs Knipe came in to tell the children all about her travels. They learnt all about the adventures Mrs Knipe has had travelling all over the world with her husband. She also told them some fascinating facts about the many countries she has visited.

Following that, the children have started to read The Conch Bearer. It is a magical story about a boy’s adventures when he discovers a very special conch shell. They are learning all about India and designing their own travel brochures using the netbooks.

Year 6 Spelling Bee winners!


This morning, Bells Farm held their inaugural spelling bee. Year 6 have been practicing for the last few weeks, in order to give themselves the best possible chance of winning. Their hard work certainly showed in the spelling bee! We had Chloe and Shadan in group 2, A’Limah, Callum and Faith in group 3 and Daniel, Gibril and Samuel in group 4.

All contestants performed so well and we are proud to announce that Chloe won the group 2 competition and Samuel won group 4! Congratulations!

Read about the whole school Spelling Bee contest on the main site – click here.

Thinktank “forces” treat


This afternoon, Year 6 and the rest of the school were treated to a Science show from visitors from the Thinktank in the city centre. The topic of the show was “Forces.” The children learned that the golden rules of forces are pushing and pulling, that they are invisible and can be balanced and unbalanced.

As part of the show, there was a “Science playground” that children across all years were involved with. Faith from Year 6 was lucky enough to be chosen for one of the “rides” called “catch the rat” which looked at how a parachute can affect speed.

Faith found the experience “really enjoyable” and added “it taught us all about Science but in a really fun way!”

Many thanks to the ThinkTank for visiting us and an brilliant show!

Safer Internet Day


Today is Safer Internet Day and Year 6 have been doing activities to test their understanding. They were given a scenario to discuss with a partner, and had to come up with a sensible solution to it. The children were amazing and have an excellent understanding of the importance of being ‘safe’ on social media.


Take a look at some of the pictures: