Monthly Archives: November 2015

‘Banksy’ backdrops


Year 6 Eagles have had their second Art lesson today, creating artwork in the style of ‘Banksy’.
They completed their graffiti tag last week, so this week was producing a backdrop for their name to be put onto.

Some children decided to use paints while others used pencil crayons or felt tip pens.

They are really starting to take shape now. The children can’t wait to display them when all of the ‘stages’ are complete. Keep a look out for the finished articles!

Collaborative work


Year 6 have continued to use their teamwork skills in English this week.

Eagles have been looking at non-chronological reports and have begun to work on a Power Point presentation which they will present to each other. they have worked on individual aspects of the presentation and as a group to ensure there is a flow of information.

Well done Year 6 for continuing the day as a team after your assembly!

Mosque visit


Year 6 were very fortunate today to visit Birmingham Central Mosque as part of their RE and learning of different faiths.

They were shown around the large hall which can take up to 3000 attendees and the mosque, in total, can hold up to 7000 people at any one time.

The children were fascinated to see some of the things that they had been learning about in class. They put some very interesting questions to Mr Mehmood, our host, who was very impressed with them all.

Well done Year 6 for showing a level of maturity and respect. It was a very informative and interesting visit.

We are looking forward to adding to our knowledge of different faiths when we welcome a visitor from a Buddhist Temple soon.



Year 6 have had a great day today discussing more aspects related to bullying. We had an interesting debate about the types of things that can be classed as bullying and how these things can make us feel.

The children then wrote things on post-it-notes that had made them feel unhappy, hurt or angry. They then screwed them up or ripped them into pieces and threw them into the bin.

It was a great way to move on from things that have made us feel negative and the children really enjoyed it.

Understanding Islam and Buddhism


Today Year 6 continued their RE lessons with Mrs Sabir. They watched several video clips detailing specific religions such as; the Muslim faith and Buddhism. We have some real experts in the class and this led to some really interesting questions being asked, some very involved conversations and lots of new information being learned. This will prepare the children for our visit to the Birmingham Mosque hopefully later in the term.

Anti-bullying week – School poem


This week is Anti-Bullying week and Year 6 have kicked it off by compiling a verse to add to the School poem. We spent a session sharing ideas and writing down words we felt could be associated with ‘Bullying’. The children are already very knowledgeable as we have done a lot of work on bullying in our PSHE lessons already.

We are thrilled with the verse we came up with and can’t wait to see the finished poem.

‘Banksy’ graffiti art


'Banksy ' art
‘Banksy ‘ art

The Eagles have started their new Art topic today looking at the famous graffiti artist ‘Banksy’. We studied the type of Art work he produces and discussed whether or not ‘Graffiti’ should be classed as art or vandalism. We used an ICT graffiti program to begin our pictures. Have a look at the amazing ‘Tags’ the class were able to produce. This is only the first layer of our pictures, we’ll keep you posted with them as we progress each week.