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Goodbye Year 6


It’s that time of year again when Year 6 leave to spend the Summer contemplating the next exciting chapter in their lives.

Our last day was spent signing shirts and autograph books, and having a huge water fight out on the playground. Take a look at some of the pictures to see how much fun they had.

Mrs Croft’s Message to Year 6
I would like to wish all of you in year 6 the very best for your future ahead. I have loved getting to know each and every one of you and even though some of you were very sad to move on, I want you to know that going to Secondary School will offer you lots of exciting challenges – so don’t be afraid to take them. Who knows where they will lead you? You all have more talents that are waiting to be discovered – so go and discover them!

Just promise to come back and tell us how it’s going. Have a wonderful Summer with your family and friends. I hope to see you again in September.

PS. Please say a huge thank you to your parents and Carers for all the wonderful presents I received, I will treasure them.

Leavers Disco

All the children looked super smart and we all had a brilliant time, singing and dancing. Mr Baddhan hosted a ‘Dance-off’ and the boys were declared the winners! (They were quite chuffed!)

All the children in Year 6 and I, would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff that took part in preparing the food, music, hall, dining room, balloons, gifts, photos and anything else I may have forgotten to mention…

It was an amazing evening, and it really couldn’t have happened without the help from all the amazing staff at Bells Farm- So once again, thank you!

Here are some of the photos from the event.

Bullying drama at Baverstock


On Friday Year 6 returned to Baverstock Academy for our last two lessons. In the morning the children took part in Drama. They got to work together with the current Year 7 students to perform short pieces involving bullying. They were so confident and really impressed the teacher.

In the afternoon they had a go at baking cookies. They got to make 8 cookies from scratch and bake them. They then all took the cookies home.

It was a fabulous week and the effort the staff at Baverstock put in was amazing. It’s such a good idea for the children to take part and visit Secondary Schools, and we hope to continue this with other students in the future.

Take a look at some of the photos.