Monthly Archives: April 2015

Health Caravan


Year 6 were treated to a visit from the Health Caravan today. They learnt all about the effects of both good and bad drugs on our bodies, and watched short relevant clips to help them understand how to deal with situations they may find themselves in.

They discussed the importance of our need for food, water. oxygen, sleep and exercise to survive, and took part in a quiz related to the nervous system.

It was a fun session and the children learnt a lot of valuable information that they can take with them to secondary school.

Take a look at a few of the pictures.



Year 6 have had a short break from SATS revision to start their new science topic – Electricity.

The children were provided with various components and asked to construct a circuit that enabled a bulb to light and a buzzer/ motor to work. There were some amazing circuits made. The children then had to evaluate their circuit and make suggestions as to how they might improve it. It was a super afternoon, take a look at the evidence.

Focus on SATS



Year 6 are working extremely hard on the run-up to SATS week. They are receiving support from all the teachers within the class room and are getting extra support (in small groups) to build their confidence and focus on areas they may be struggling in.

We are also busy completing past SATS papers and analysing the answers. This is good practice for the children to see the types of questions that will come up, and also builds confidence! Take a look at our hard workers in action!