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Spotlight on Tamarra

Best score in mental maths
Best score in mental maths

Spotlight on award this week goes to… Tamarra. She has achieved her very best score in her mental maths test and Mrs Croft is extremely proud of her!

This is a combination of a real ‘want’ to succeed and an amazing amount of extra effort being put in both at school and at home. Very well done Tamarra- you really deserve this!

Making pledges for a safer internet


This week Year 6 have been taking part in Safer Internet week. They started the week by watching a video on the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe. They now understand the importance of not giving personal information to strangers or posting unsuitable pictures on the internet.

Mid week they made their pledges. They were asked to say ‘To help make the internet a better place, I promise I will…’ Have a look at the photos – there were some very sensible and grown up comments.

Mrs Croft then gave the children a list of scenarios that they could be faced with when using the internet. They then had to choose which course of action was the best; Report it, delete it, tell an adult etc.

It has been a super week and the children have now got a very good understanding of what to do if they are faced with any one of a number of situations. They have been told that one of the most important things to do is, if ever they feel uncomfortable about anything at all, is to tell an adult. Why not ask them about it?

Popular culture display



Year 6 have created these fantastic art pieces for their Andy Warhol project combined with their topic.

The class have worked very hard over three lessons to create exciting and conceptual pieces using different types of media.

The wall display now screams out Popular Culture and a revive of the 60s and 70s. The children all thoroughly enjoyed their art project with Mr Altariva and they have all learnt a range of art skills that they can take with them wherever they go.

Year 6 Indian Experience

Daneille and Tamara trying out some Indian food
Daneille and Tamara trying out some Indian food

In Literacy the children have been reading ‘The Conch Bearer’ by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. It is a wonderful book all about the adventures of Anand, a poor Indian boy who is chosen to return the conch (a magical shell) to its rightful place.

The children have loved story as well as learning all about the beautiful country of India. They have been especially interested in the food that is eaten there and this week (courtesy of Mrs Sabir) they got to taste some.

Take a look at the photos – the Gulab Jaman went down very well!

Dangers of the internet

Five trustworthy people
Five trustworthy people

Year 6 today did a lesson on esafety. First of all they watched a short film on the potential dangers of being online. They found out other users could hack into your accounts details and also steal your identity.

They learnt the true value of being safe online. Having the slogan ‘Click Clever, Click Safe’ was a really catchy phrase they got familiar with, when understanding the dangers behind being online. They then all completed a task where they had to draw around their hand and label five trustworthy people who they could go to as part of esafety.