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World War Assembly


Mrs Croft would like to say a huge ‘WELL DONE’ to her Year 6 stars for performing their ‘World War’ Assembly so wonderfully! It was fabulous to see how confident they have become. They have really immersed themselves in our topic this term and think it showed.

Mrs Croft had so many lovely comments from staff members – so you should feel very proud of yourselves Year 6!

We celebrated by watching the heart-wrenching Sainsbury’s Christmas advert and eating the chocolate it advertises; it was delicious!

Thank you to all those family members that came to see it, the children were thrilled to have you there.

Spotlight on Shelby

Amazing attitude from Shelby
Amazing attitude from Shelby

​​​This weeks Spotlight award In Year 6 goes to Shelby Jeanes… Shelby has worked so hard in all lessons but especially in Maths. She showed an amazing attitude to our week on fractions, percentages and decimals and has set a fine example to the rest of the class.

Mrs Croft is so very proud of you Shelby, keep up this amazing effort- you are doing so well!

Maths Week fun!


Year 6 have had great fun taking part in Maths week. We have completed all sorts of fun things and learnt lots!

Fitting in with our topic covering both world wars, on Monday and Tuesday the children got to take part in two really exciting lessons. Mrs Sabir delivered a lesson on rationing and the children had to plan and budget for a families clothes.

I got the children to weigh various ingredients in order to produce and evaluate a war-time recipe (they were not too fond of the condensed milk!) and then they converted the cost of the recipe now, into shillings and old pence.

Later in the week all the children learnt about averages and were able to find the mean, median, mode and range of a series of statistics such as the cost of property.

We took lots of photos, take a look. I think you’ll agree the children had a great time!

Spotlight on Tamarra

Top attitude from Tamarra
Top attitude from Tamarra

This week the Year 6 ‘Spotlight on…’ award goes to…Tamarra Tapper. Mrs Croft simply had to award it to this very hard working young lady as she has shown a real desire to learn; both in school and at home.

Her attitude in lessons is always positive and she never gives up, even when she finds the work a challenge. This just makes her try even harder. You are a credit to the class Tamarra – Congratulations!

Features of play scripts


In Literacy this half term the children have been learning all about the features of play scripts. They have been reading them, acting them out and having a go at writing their own.

Here they are studying a Victorian play and hot seating each other in the role of various characters. This year’s Year 6 love getting a chance to act, and this half term was no exception. The language they used and answers they gave clearly proved they have a very good understanding of different classes within Victorian times.

Keep it up year 6, we’ll have you all up on stage sooner than you think!

The effects of both World Wars


As you know Year 6 have been studying the topic ‘What the 20th Century has done for us’ and part of that has involved looking at the effects of both World Wars on people, especially children.

Mrs Croft was over-whelmed when Phoebe brought in the most amazing personal treasures that belong to her family. Her Great Granddad took part in the war and we were able to see a wonderful collection of photographs, medals and love letters that he sent to his sweetheart. (Mrs Croft said it caused more than one teacher to shed a tear).

It enabled the children to see ‘real’ artefacts and caused quite a stir in the classroom. On behalf of Year 6 (especially me) we would like to say a huge thank you for making our topic ‘come alive’ and for sharing such beautiful treasures with us.

Take a look at some of the photos we took.

Spotlight on Reece


Year 6 have recently started something called ‘Spotlight on a child’. It was launched today and I am very pleased to announce the first child to receive this prestigious award is REECE ANDREWS.

The award is separate from ‘Star of the week’ and is given by myself for something that I feel should be recognised by the class.

Reece received the award for his fabulous attitude to everything that is asked of him. He is always positive and tries his best in all subjects. He is helpful, often volunteering for jobs (including giving up some of his lunchtime) and is a pleasure to have in the class.

Reece will keep the award all next week and will have his photo put up on display in the classroom. All the children will be asked to write something nice about Reece throughout the week and he will get to bring this home.

Well Done Reece!