Monthly Archives: March 2014

Year 6 visit the Birmingham Council House

Year six attended a debate at the Council House on the 10th March. They debated the following motion:

That children and their teachers who live one mile or less from their school should walk to and from school and if they live more one mile away should use public transport.

Here are the speeches (click here) that were read out in the council chamber. As you can see they are very well thought out arguments and the Lord Mayor and other councillors were very impressed indeed. Well done Yr6!!

Miss Outhwaite was very impressed with our Year 6 children, she said: “Well done to Year 6 yesterday who really did us proud at the Council House. I know how hard they worked at their speeches and from what I hear they were brilliant. I am really proud of our Year 6 – they wrote edited and refined their speeches and then took the time to practice reading with emphasis and drama! I really hope that it is a Bells Farm pupil who wins the prize of tea with the Lord Mayor. I know they gave it their all!”