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Art Week

Year 6 Eagles have had a fabulous Art week learning all about an African artist called Ephrem Kouakou. We studied the techniques he uses, and then had a go at creating our own piece in a similar style. We took photographs of the children and then used various materials to produce individual interpretations of the artist’s piece called ‘Four women in Bloom’. I’m sure you’ll agree…the children have produced some impressive pieces themselves.

Game developers

In the past few weeks, Year 6 Eagles have become game developers by planning, developing and then testing their games. The children then designed front covers for their games with an online safety PEGI rating provided for the game.

Once completed, the children started to create front covers for their games including key elements, age rating, description, title and screenshots.

The children had a choice of creating one game, based on the following:

The children have demonstrated their knowledge of both programss. Some chose to create a Scratch game and others decided they’d create a Kodu game.

They have nearly completed their games and front covers, on Friday we will have some examples on our blog here.

Eagles creating their games

Eagles creating their front covers

Christmas card competition


Year 6 have been invited to take part in a very special ‘Christmas card competition’. Steve McCabe (our local MP) has asked the children to design a Christmas card illustrating what Christmas means to them. The winning entry will be printed and used by Mr McCabe himself.

The child with the winning design will receive a prize such as tickets to the Snow Dome, Dudley Zoo or Cadbury World.


‘Chocolate Come Dine with Me’ – Day 3



The focus on todays aspect of the D&T project was to produce an A3 advert for the cake the children would create, to be used in café and restaurants across the country. Year 6 used plenty of colour, persuasive language and adjectives to entice the customer to buy their cakes! All the groups made a display card for their cake to present to the judges, listing ingredients with a brief description.

Well done on your outstanding work!

‘Banksy’ backdrops


Year 6 Eagles have had their second Art lesson today, creating artwork in the style of ‘Banksy’.
They completed their graffiti tag last week, so this week was producing a backdrop for their name to be put onto.

Some children decided to use paints while others used pencil crayons or felt tip pens.

They are really starting to take shape now. The children can’t wait to display them when all of the ‘stages’ are complete. Keep a look out for the finished articles!

‘Banksy’ graffiti art


'Banksy ' art
‘Banksy ‘ art

The Eagles have started their new Art topic today looking at the famous graffiti artist ‘Banksy’. We studied the type of Art work he produces and discussed whether or not ‘Graffiti’ should be classed as art or vandalism. We used an ICT graffiti program to begin our pictures. Have a look at the amazing ‘Tags’ the class were able to produce. This is only the first layer of our pictures, we’ll keep you posted with them as we progress each week.

Sketching war planes


As we mentioned last week, Year 6 are currently working on producing Art in the style of Trevor Lay. Today was all about sketching one of the famous aeroplanes in the style of Lay. They were studying various art works and photographs and trying to use the same techniques. Many children found it tricky but persevered, and I’m sure the final pictures will be worth waiting for.