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Art Week

Art week has started and in Year 6 we are focusing on canal art as this follows on nicely from our history topic. The children have been focusing and working really hard on perfecting their canal style floral paintings of roses.

Clay Tiles

Year 6 have created their very own Maya tiles using clay. They designed their tiles using influences from other pieces of Maya art and then used the clay tools to create it! The children had so much fun doing them and they all turned out to be fantastic!

Art Week

Year 6 Eagles have had a fabulous Art week learning all about an African artist called Ephrem Kouakou. We studied the techniques he uses, and then had a go at creating our own piece in a similar style. We took photographs of the children and then used various materials to produce individual interpretations of the artist’s piece called ‘Four women in Bloom’. I’m sure you’ll agree…the children have produced some impressive pieces themselves.