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Maths Week fun!


Year 6 have had great fun taking part in Maths week. We have completed all sorts of fun things and learnt lots!

Fitting in with our topic covering both world wars, on Monday and Tuesday the children got to take part in two really exciting lessons. Mrs Sabir delivered a lesson on rationing and the children had to plan and budget for a families clothes.

I got the children to weigh various ingredients in order to produce and evaluate a war-time recipe (they were not too fond of the condensed milk!) and then they converted the cost of the recipe now, into shillings and old pence.

Later in the week all the children learnt about averages and were able to find the mean, median, mode and range of a series of statistics such as the cost of property.

We took lots of photos, take a look. I think you’ll agree the children had a great time!