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The children have been working on a unit in music based around ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. 
Each week they have listened to and appraised different songs which also link to happiness. These have included songs such as ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.  
We started the term off by learning to sing our unit song, before progressing on to playing the glockenspiels to the song. 
We have now just finished composing our own pieces to the song and in our next lesson will be performing these compositions and evaluating our performances. 

Music and Me

Throughout the Summer term, since the children finished their SATs papers, they have all been working on their very own ‘Music and Me’ projects. The children have put themselves into small groups to work together to create their very own pieces of music that represent identity. So far, the children have worked on deciding their topics/themes within the overall theme and writing the lyrics for their pieces of music. Stay posted to see the final pieces of music that they create very soon! 

A New Year Carol by Benjamin Britten

Last week the children started their new music unit – A New Year Carol by Benjamin Britten. In this week’s lesson the children listened to a different version of the song, a gospel version and compared it to the original. Lots of children preferred the second version of the song as it was much more upbeat.
The children have also been learning to sing the song. It is sounding very impressive even with all the high notes!

Don’t worry be happy

The next song we have looked at in music was ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin. We spoke about the song as a class and compared it to our unit song.
Seth said that the song made him feel happy and was all about happiness.
Dehwa said the song reminded him of the beach.
Paige and Charlie both said that the song made them feel calm and relaxed.
For the rest of our music lesson we played some rhythm games, practised our singing and starting improvising using the glockenspiels.

‘On Top of the World’

Year 6 are enjoying music lessons this term. They listened to and appraised the song ‘On Top of the World’ by the Carpenters.
The children enjoyed the song and said it was similar to our unit song, Happy by Pharrell Williams, because they are both about feeling happy with yourself and the world around you.
Ryan said that it reminded him of Christmas and feeling happy.
The children then played some rhythm games with the glockenspiels before learning to play the song.

Music and Me

Year 6’s music theme this term is ‘Music and Me’. This unit of work is all about identity. The children are working in small groups to compose their own piece of music all about identity. Some of our groups are singing; some are rapping! I can’t wait to hear the finished pieces.