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Peacemakers – Transition to Secondary

Year 6 have really been enjoying their sessions each week with Jackie from Peacemakers. Over the last couple of sessions the children have been working in pairs to design their own hot air balloon. They have also been thinking about what helps them to fire up their imagination and creativity just as a hot air balloon is fired up to fly away.


This week Jackie brought a super size world map with her for the children to see – they absolutely loved it and so did all the teachers! They started with a quick geography warm up before reading about different people from around the world and what they had achieved.

Around the world in 80 days

Mrs Knipe came into our classroom to kick off our new topic – ‘Around the world in 80 days’. She spent the afternoon sharing all her travelling stories. To date, Mrs Knipe has visited over 50 countries, and she prepared a fabulous presentation to share with the children. It was full of photos, fascinating geographical facts and a rather gruesome story involving a fish bone (ask the children to share it with you!)