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Comparing rules and laws

Year 6 have been discussing rules in RE and why we have rules in the world. We also compared rules to laws and discussed how they are similar and again why they are needed in the world.

The children then worked in pairs to think of 10 rules for life. They had to imagine that everybody in the world would only have 10 rules to follow and they could decide what those 10 rules should be.

The children then watched a video that informed them of the 10 commandments from the Christian faith and had to think about how these were similar or different to the rules that they had come up with themselves.

Remembering roots and commitment

Year 6 discussed what they thought “Roots and commitment” meant. It was a very interesting discussion.

We also discussed how roots and commitment are shown in this country. The children quickly remembered that we have “Remeberance Day”. This is a day the country has committed to remembering World War II. Remembering the past ensures we don’t forget the hardships or victories and how they were achieved.

The class then looked at commitment and what they felt people can and do and commit to.

We decided these were among the most important things to commit to:

► Family
► Friends
► Job
► Hobbies
► Behaviour
► Pets
► Chores
► School

We also read and discussed the story of Noah. He showed a lot of commitment as he worked for over a year to build the boat for his family and all the animals. His commitment to God was rewarded. His family survived the flood. We discussed how he would not have known that and and yet he committed regardless of his eventual “reward”.
We often commit to things for lots of reason and not always because we will gain something from it.

That is why a commitment is so hard yet satisfying.

Understanding unity and harmony

Year 6 Eagles discussed unity and harmony.

They discussed their ideas of what it meant, talking about working together, ensuring there is no war, hatred or fights.

We looked at the story of Noah and how in Christianity, the story is told as God asking Noah to unite the people and follow his commandments. As the people didn’t, God sent rain for 40 days and 40 nights resulting in only Noah and his family being saved from the flood.

Year 6 then discussed Jainism, the oldest Indian language, older than Hinduism. It taught unity and harmony and as with all other religions- it taught forgiveness. A huge emphasis is put on forgiveness and the class discussed why.

“It makes you feel better.”
“To forgive means you keep your friends.”

In Jainism they used forgiveness circles and the class used this concept to research some forgiveness quotes. It turned out that the children were inspired to write their own!

Have a look and see what you think…



In RE this week, year 6 have been looking into what we all need to survive. They created a mind map of all the elements required to allow us to strive as individuals, and discussed the importance of each one. Next week the children will be shown exactly what we require to survive and they will compare these with their own original ideas.

Christmas card competition


Year 6 have been invited to take part in a very special ‘Christmas card competition’. Steve McCabe (our local MP) has asked the children to design a Christmas card illustrating what Christmas means to them. The winning entry will be printed and used by Mr McCabe himself.

The child with the winning design will receive a prize such as tickets to the Snow Dome, Dudley Zoo or Cadbury World.


Fair and just



Today Year 6 have been focusing on the RE topic of what is ‘fair and just’. They have been learning about how people can be treated unfairly or with prejudice. We focused on how the Jewish population were persecuted during WWII, and how even today people are still suffering due to the prejudiced behaviour of others.

The children had a very grown up sensible discussion and were able to give their views and opinions on all aspects discussed.

Feeling joyous

Eagles today discussed feeling joyous! There were lots of great examples!


There were lots of wonderful examples which we went on to explore.

We looked a personal moments of feeling joy and collective times.

Receiving gifts and being included are lovely and are personal but celebrations can be collective.

We started discussing Eid Ul- Fitr which comes at the end of the month of fasting (Ramadan). As Ramadan is now, Eid will be in a few weeks. Lots of children remembered some of the facts about Ramadan. We will be looking at this again next week.



On Wednesday the children in Year 6 were extremely lucky to receive a visit from The Birmingham Buddhist Center. A representative came along with lots of artifacts to share with the children. They listened to how the Buddha (Siddhartha as he was actually called) left his lavish palace to see what was on the outside. In doing so he discovered lots of sadness in the world and pledged to live his life in a much more simpler way, and lived from that day on the streets.

The children also had a chance to try meditating. They loved it! Why not ask them about the visit, they know an awful lot of new information now.

Mosque visit


Year 6 were very fortunate today to visit Birmingham Central Mosque as part of their RE and learning of different faiths.

They were shown around the large hall which can take up to 3000 attendees and the mosque, in total, can hold up to 7000 people at any one time.

The children were fascinated to see some of the things that they had been learning about in class. They put some very interesting questions to Mr Mehmood, our host, who was very impressed with them all.

Well done Year 6 for showing a level of maturity and respect. It was a very informative and interesting visit.

We are looking forward to adding to our knowledge of different faiths when we welcome a visitor from a Buddhist Temple soon.