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Cooking in D&T

Year 6 have spent this half term working towards creating their very own wartime themed vegetable pasties. 
Over a series of lessons they have completed the following: 
  • Created a questionnaire for market research 
  • Tasted a vegetable pasty and recorded opinions
  • Completed each other’s questionnaires 
  • Designed their product based on their findings from the questionnaire 
  • Designed what their product would look like
  • Decided what ingredients and equipment they would need 
  • Wrote down a method for cooking
  • And finally, cooked and tasted their very own delicious vegetable pasties! 
All children had a fabulous day cooking and worked super hard. They learnt how to make their very own pastry as well as how to correctly chop vegetables. Well done Year 6!

Completing our final products

Eagles have been through the process of designing  and making the exterior of their night lights, today Eagles worked carefully to understand and use electrical systems in their products . To make their night lights work they first connected up their Crumble Microcontrollers

They then had to apply their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control their products. 


They did this buy writing their own code using the Crumble software and loading it onto the Micro-Controller. Notice their use of repetition, careful sequencing of instructions and inputting the correct variable. 

To ensure their product was working as desired they tested it in a dark room.


Interested in Crumble Micro-controllers? Click here for their official website




After discussing and designed their nightlights, the children have started to create them this week using cardboard. They will be decorating them using their own designs and then using the Crumble kit next week to make them light up! How exciting! 


DT Project

Year 6 have started a brand new DT project this term. The children are working in small groups to design and make their very own night lights. So far, the children have looked at a set of code for a nightlight and discussed what it makes the light do and have designed what they want their night lights to look like. They are super excited to start making them! 


After taste-testing the pasties, Year 6 continued their DT cooking unit.
The children were first required to design their own products after their research. This included the ingredients, flavours and even the final design of their pasty!
We then discussed the importance of storing all of our ingredients correctly using our knowledge of micro-organisms after writing out our ingredient and equipment lists.
The children then had to write out the instructions for creating their pasties before having a full day of cooking and evaluating.
During the cooking experience, the children had to demonstrate lots of different skills:
  • Measuring ingredients accurately (in order to create the pastry)
  • Chopping and peeling their vegetables
  • Boiling and draining vegetables
  • Seasoning and mixing their filling
After all of that hard work, the children were finally able to taste the delicious pasties that they had made. There were some divided opinions, but most of the children enjoyed what they had made.

DT- Taste Testing

In preparation for their cooking soon, the children taste tested some modern vegetable pasties – Bombay potato and spinach pasties. There was quite a divide of opinions in the classroom. A lot of the children thought it was delicious, whereas others thought it was too spicy. The children will soon be planning their own vegetable pasties.


Clay Tiles

Year 6 have created their very own Maya tiles using clay. They designed their tiles using influences from other pieces of Maya art and then used the clay tools to create it! The children had so much fun doing them and they all turned out to be fantastic!

Wartime Cooking

Year 6 have had their DT day this week where they were able to make their wartime inspired vegetable turnovers. The children had a fantastic day and showcased some brilliant skills.
They had to measure out the ingredients for their pastry before getting their hands dirty and making it from scratch! They were chopping and peeling vegetables, boiling vegetables and draining them. They then seasoned their vegetables before putting their mixtures onto the pastry to create their desired shape.
They came out really well and the children loved tasting them!