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Green Fire

Year 6 witnessed Mrs Croft carrying out an experiment to make Green Fire today. The children saw what happens when chemicals are mixed together. They have been learning how the changes that occur are irreversible,
and after half term they will be carrying out their own experiment to test their theories.

Video: 60-second film all about smart meters

Year 6 Eagles class have produced 60-second films all about smart meters.

The nationwide competition, orgainised by EON was setup to encourage primary and secondary school pupils to think about smart meters in a fun and engaging way.

Pupils were being encouraged to write, produce and record a 60-second film all about smart meters, including information about what they are, the benefits they can bring and how they can help consumers use less energy and save money on their energy bills.

All Eagles class produced their own films, below are two examples.

Leo, Joshua B and Sahara

Chloe, Lola and Dharma

Climate change scripts

Year 6 have built on their learning about climate change an the need to act in an environmentally friendly manner, writing scripts to advertise smart meters.

The children have carefully considered people’s attitudes to environmental matters and saving energy so that they have been able to create adverts that effectively persuade the viewer to change their behaviours and to use a Smart Meter.

Throughout the process they have collaborated brilliantly in small groups and shown tremendous creativity with varied ideas to hook their audience.

Investigating plants

Year 6 have spent this half term investigating plants. On Friday they progressed to dissecting and investigating the different parts of a flowering plants. They worked with great care, using microscopes to see the detailed structure of each part, linking its form to its function.

“It was very interesting seeing the different parts of a plant,” said Daneil.

Hanson enthusiastically commented, “I saw some wonderful patterns while looking at the plants through the microscope.”

Global warming

The children have been very engaged learning about global warming over the past few weeks.

Having identified a range of different factors that directly contribute to global warming, they have started to create a adverts for a ‘smart meter’. The smart meter could enable families to identify how they are using energy and to plan how to use it more efficiently – saving energy and money for the families.

Classification keys


Today Eagles continued with their Science topic… ‘Classifying Critters’, and had a go at producing a classification key of their own. They were put into small groups and had to work together in order to come up with a series of questions that each child had to answer. Then they drew the key onto the playground and put each child in the relevant box. They had a lot of fun but also learnt a great deal about how to produce an accurate key. All groups managed to complete their key and place their group in the relevant place. Well done Year 6 – some excellent team work!

Classifying Critters


Year 6 have started their Science topic, ‘Classifying Critters’. We have been learning about how animals are grouped as well how to classify plants. We started by understanding how to follow a classification key (with plants) and then went into the playground to have a go at following one Mrs Croft had written. Next week the children will be designing their own classification key and will be having a go at placing all the children in their group onto the key. Take a look at the photos so far.

Components of a circuit


Today Year 6 have had a fabulous Science afternoon learning about components of a circuit and how to construct one. They used a variety of components such as: wires, bulbs, batteries and buzzers to construct a working circuit. They are now all able to recognise and draw a range of components. Take a look at some of the pictures.

Thinktank “forces” treat


This afternoon, Year 6 and the rest of the school were treated to a Science show from visitors from the Thinktank in the city centre. The topic of the show was “Forces.” The children learned that the golden rules of forces are pushing and pulling, that they are invisible and can be balanced and unbalanced.

As part of the show, there was a “Science playground” that children across all years were involved with. Faith from Year 6 was lucky enough to be chosen for one of the “rides” called “catch the rat” which looked at how a parachute can affect speed.

Faith found the experience “really enjoyable” and added “it taught us all about Science but in a really fun way!”

Many thanks to the ThinkTank for visiting us and an brilliant show!

Tim Peake’s first space walk


On Friday some of the children in year 6 gave up part of their lunchtime to watch a very special event taking place.

Megan wrote a short report to tell you all about it:

Today two astronauts: Tim Peake from England and Tim Kopra from America, took part in a very important but dangerous mission. They had to carry out a repair on the International Space Station. It was going to take 6 hours to perform and was fabulously exciting to watch!

Tim Kopra has been on three space walks previously but for Tim Peake, this was his first. I think they will both be nervous but very excited also.