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Discussing democracy

Year 6 have been discussing the term democracy in PSHE today.

The children then worked in their tables to identify candidates to run for prime minister of the classroom. Once the candidates had been chosen, each child stood up and presented to the rest of the class. They had to state why they thought they should be chosen and what they would do for the school.

Once the candidates had spoken, the children were asked what makes a fair vote and how can we ensure that everything is done fairly and properly. The children had lots of very good ideas and we then were able to move forward with the vote.

Naly and Sophie counted the votes made by all children (and checked their counting more than once to ensure it was accurate) before revealing who had won the election.

Congratulations to Lexi! If we were to have a prime minister of the classroom, it would be you!

Acts of kindness

As part of Anti-Bullying Week this week, Year 6 were set the challenge to complete secret acts of kindness towards a chosen person. Each child had to be extra kind to one person all week so that by the end of the week that child could guess who it was!
It was really nice to hear how the children were showing kindness to each other throughout the week.

Here are some of the ways they were kind to one another:

• Helping a friend in lessons.
• Choosing to play with somebody every day.
• Paying compliments to their chosen person.
• Asking if they have had a nice day.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti-Bullying week and we are ready to start the week wearing our very own badges that we designed and created ourselves!

Today we have introduced the random acts of kindness activity. The children must demonstrate random acts of kindness throughout the week to a chosen person. At the end of the week we will have a circle time where we will try to guess who was being extra kind to who!

‘Free To Be Me’ Online

Today Year 6 have watched a video all about online identity. After watching the video the children were asked what they thought the key messages were and what they would have said about the topic of identity, if they were in the video.

What are the key messages in the video?
Miranda – you can’t compare yourself to anyone else online and what you see of their lives
Harley – being behind a screen doesn’t change who you are
Reuben – stay safe online and be prepared for situations you may face
Sneha – be yourself always

If you were in this video, what would you have said about the topic of online identity?
Ishmael – be confident
Llukan – do not copy other people, be yourself and do not hide who you are
Miranda – all people have sad and happy moments in their lives, they just might not choose to share them with the rest of the world

Staying safe online

This afternoon, year 6 have continued their work around Safer Internet Week and the importance of staying safe online. The children were given 5 different scenarios and had to choose a reaction:

• It’s not okay
• It depends
• I’m not sure about this
• It’s fine
• It’s okay if no one finds out

The children were very sensible with their responses and could all explain why they chose to respond in that way.

What does my avatar say about me?

To kick off Safer Internet Week, Year 6 watched a video focused around avatars that are used online. The film looked at a variety of different avatars that different people have created as well as talking about the choices that they make.

After watching the video, the children were asked a few questions:

How can avatars be used to keep us safe online?
Paris – it doesn’t show people who you actually are
Alfie – it stops people knowing more about you
Oscar – it hides your true identity

How can avatars help us express who we are?
Anastasya – they can help you show your personality
Luke – you can use them to share you likes and interests with people, for example your favourite animal

Why do you think avatars are good/important?
Khaltum – they give people a chance to be unique
Miranda – they can be used to reflect personalities
Ruby – they are used to show that everybody is different

How smoking can harm our bodies

After discussing alcohol, year 6 then went on to discuss smoking and how that can cause harm to our bodies. The children learnt all about the different ways smoking can be harmful and the reasons why we shouldn’t do it.

They were then asked a very important question – should smoking be banned?

Abi – yes because if people smoke too much they could die younger than they would if they didn’t smoke.
Tibet – no because people would want it more and would find ways to get it illegally.
Reuben – yes because it is so expensive and if you waste lots of money on smoking you could even become homeless.
Ruby – yes because it is a lot of money to spend in a year.
Llukan – no because people often smoke to reduce stress.

The effects of drinking alcohol

Continuing with their PSHE topic, Year 6 have been discussing alcohol and the effects that drinking alcohol can have on your body. After discussing this, the children answered some very important questions that allowed them to consider what they thought themselves about alcohol.

Do you think the legal age to buy and drink alcohol should be raised to 21?
Reuben – yes because you are not responsible enough at 18 and you might drink too much.
Sneha – no I think it should stay at 18. At 18 you officially become an adult and therefore you should be mature enough to make your own choices.

Why do you think underage drinking is a problem?
Harley – they probably want to show off to other people.
Miranda – they might be influenced at home seeing other people drinking.
Alfie – might be influenced by friends and older children.
Anastasya – peer pressure might make some people drink underage.

The children were then given a scenario.

You are at your friends house. They tell you that there is some alcohol in the kitchen cupboard and that you should try it. What should you do?

Luke – say no thank you because it’s dangerous.
Llukan – say no because alcohol is a drug.
Ruby – say no because you don’t know exactly what is in it. There might be more than alcohol.
Paris – say no because it is illegal and you are underage.
Reuben – say no because it might affect my behaviour and attitude.

Legal and illegal drugs

As part of the PSHE curriculum, the children have been discussing the difference between legal and illegal drugs.

The children were already very knowledgeable and remembered exactly what defines a drug. A drug is a substance that changes the way a person feels, thinks or behaves.

The children could also confidently discuss the difference between legal and illegal drugs, as well as giving a few examples of each.

We then as a class discussed whether we thought drugs should be totally banned, all types of drugs. The children had mixed opinions on this matter.

Ewan – not all of them because some help people get better when they are ill. But some do cause bad behaviour and harmful actions.

Miranda – not all of them because the majority of drugs are only there to help people.
Paris – yes they should because they can all be addictive and influence behaviour.

We then discussed how some common illnesses can actually be helped using home remedies rather than medicines. The children shared some of their own home remedies that they use, including drinking warm honey and milk if you have an upset stomach!