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Final Peacemakers Session

This week the children had their final peacemakers session. This was a chance for the children to reflect on what they have learnt over the duration of the course. The children then started to make their own individual ‘zines’ to help guide them through secondary school. The idea is that the children keep them with them, maybe in their pencil case, to help them if they are ever feeling worried at school.

Peacemakers – Transition to Secondary

Year 6 have really been enjoying their sessions each week with Jackie from Peacemakers. Over the last couple of sessions the children have been working in pairs to design their own hot air balloon. They have also been thinking about what helps them to fire up their imagination and creativity just as a hot air balloon is fired up to fly away.


This week Jackie brought a super size world map with her for the children to see – they absolutely loved it and so did all the teachers! They started with a quick geography warm up before reading about different people from around the world and what they had achieved.


This week Year 6 had their second peacemakers session. This week’s focus was all around the children thinking about what they need in order to feel confident and comfortable to talk to somebody about their feelings. They also watched a short video that highlighted how people may feel and the choices that they should make in order to seek help and support.

Our First Peacemaker’s Session

This week Year 6 have had their very first session with Jackie from Peacemakers. This session was all about getting to know each other and discussing our feelings towards transitioning to secondary school. The children played lots of games and had lots of opportunities to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Overall, the children had a fabulous afternoon!

Year 6 will be having these sessions for the next 8 weeks every Tuesday afternoon. This is a new course designed for Year 6’s to help them with their transition to secondary school and to help prepare them. The children are really looking forward to their next session next week!

Exploring identities

This afternoon, Year 6 have been discussing how in the United Kingdom there are lots of differences between people.

To begin with they discussed the term ‘identity’ and discussed with a partner what it meant to them:

– a way to prove who you are
– something that is used for proof of identity
– who you are to the world
– your name and date of birth
– what makes you you
– who and how you are as a person

Year 6 then went on to discuss different languages that are spoken in the UK, different religious groups there are, and all about lots of other differences that people have.

As a class we concluded that we can massively benefit from living in a society with so many differences as we are able to learn from each other. This might be learning new languages, about different cultures and religions, or simply just tasting different food! We also concluded that if we lived in a society where everyone was the same it would be pretty boring!

Discussing democracy

Year 6 have been discussing the term democracy in PSHE today.

The children then worked in their tables to identify candidates to run for prime minister of the classroom. Once the candidates had been chosen, each child stood up and presented to the rest of the class. They had to state why they thought they should be chosen and what they would do for the school.

Once the candidates had spoken, the children were asked what makes a fair vote and how can we ensure that everything is done fairly and properly. The children had lots of very good ideas and we then were able to move forward with the vote.

Naly and Sophie counted the votes made by all children (and checked their counting more than once to ensure it was accurate) before revealing who had won the election.

Congratulations to Lexi! If we were to have a prime minister of the classroom, it would be you!

Acts of kindness

As part of Anti-Bullying Week this week, Year 6 were set the challenge to complete secret acts of kindness towards a chosen person. Each child had to be extra kind to one person all week so that by the end of the week that child could guess who it was!
It was really nice to hear how the children were showing kindness to each other throughout the week.

Here are some of the ways they were kind to one another:

• Helping a friend in lessons.
• Choosing to play with somebody every day.
• Paying compliments to their chosen person.
• Asking if they have had a nice day.