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During Anti-Bullying week Year 6 took part in lots of different check-ins and activities. We discussed who we could go to for support if we felt bullying was taking place, what kind words had been said to us during the week and more!

We also took part in a special anti-bullying live lesson and a Children in Need mood booster! This was a great way to end such an important week.


In PSHE this week we have been looking at different types of relationships.

The children started by discussing what relationships a person would have at different stages of their life in small groups.

The children then looked at three different relationship stories and considered how the people would need to behave in order to keep their relationship happy and healthy.

West Midlands Safari Park

Year 6 had a wonderful day at West Midlands Safari Park on Friday.
We started off with a drive through the safari and saw all the different animals. We then headed to the theme park area and the children absolutely loved going on all the different rides – I think the teachers secretly did too!
Overall, it was a great day and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was the perfect treat for the children to celebrate how hard they have worked all year!

Children’s Mental Health Week

Mrs Johnson taught the children a breathing exercise this week as it is Children’s Mental Health Week. The activity was called handprint breathing and is for the children to use when they are feeling anxious, angry, nervous or at any other times they feel they need to! It consists of tracing up and down your fingers using your other hand. When you trace up a finger, you breathe in. When you trace back down, you breathe out. You keep going until you have traced all five of your fingers.

Safer Internet Day

In computing, Year 6 completed their online safety lesson for this term. The lesson was all about copyright and ownership. The children started off watching a video where they were given different scenarios and they had to discuss whether the actions of people were right or wrong. Miss Edwards then demonstrated how to use Google to make an advanced search where you can specify that you only want results which are free to use and share. The final activity for the children to do was then to decide whether a series of statements about online content was true or false.

Illegal and Legal Drugs

In PSHE Year 6 have been learning about legal and illegal drugs and the effects and risks involved when people use them. The children worked in tables to focus on one drug in particular and try to figure out what effects and risks their drug would have. They then read an information sheet to further their understanding and shared back to the rest of the class


We have been looking at medicines in PSHE. The children played a game with different scenarios which explored the impact of vaccinations. Through playing the game, we concluded that the more people there are vaccinated, the less people there are likely to catch a virus.

Taking Risks

In PSHE this week we have been discussing risks. We started by talking about what risks are and how risks can have consequences but not always, sometimes they can end positively. The children then shared a few examples of risks that they had taken recently and the outcome that came from them. The children brought up the idea that people often complete risks because of influences from others and peer-pressure which led us on to talking about how we can deal with pressure like that. Finally, we had a discussion about risk-taking online and if they feel there is as much peer-pressure online. Interestingly, lots of the children felt as though there wasn’t as much pressure online and it was easier to say no because you didn’t have that physical interaction with people.