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Safer Internet Day

Year 6 have completed a lot of computing work this week.

Firstly, to celebrate Safer Internet Day, they completed an online quiz all about friends and frenemies and discussed the difference between these two online.

Then we had our usual computing lesson. In this lesson the children were using Scratch to create their own times tables games!

We then ended the day with a BBC Teach live lesson all about AI. This was very informative and useful for the children and they enjoyed watching the lesson and completing the activities along the way.

Watch the live lesson again by clicking here 

Differences in us

In PSHE, Year 6 have been looking at visible differences over the past two weeks. We have been exploring how the stereotypes that are often in film and on TV, which are often negative, can have an effect on people in the world who have visible differences. This afternoon we spoke about how this would make people feel. 

Sporting Chance

Year 6 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Sandra today who works for HSBC. 
Their lesson was called ‘Sporting Chance’ and involved looking at a day out at Wembley to watch a football game. As part of the session, the children were able to explore how much a day out like this would cost a family and what things they could do in order to reduce the costs as much as possible. The children were all really sensible during the session and showed a good understanding of money. 
Well done Year 6! 

Anti-Bullying week

Throughout Anti-Bullying week, Year 6 started each morning with a check-in question. 
Monday: How can we make a noise about bullying? 
-speaking out
-talking to a trusted adult
Tuesday: What does school already do to help stop bullying and ensure all children are safe and happy?
-behaviour system
-time out spaces like the sensory room
-communicating with parents
-having appropriate consequences in place
Wednesday: Who are the people in school who can help us to reduce and respond to bullying? 
-headteacher or deputy head
Thursday: What kind words have been said to you this week?
-thank you
-love you
-you are a good friend
-you are really good at that
-I have missed you
Friday: What have you learned this week?
-it is best to speak up if something upsets you
-you should take a screenshot of something online to show a trusted adult
-tell a trusted adult if you are worried or unhappy about something 
We also had our online safety lesson during this week. This lesson was all about what we could do if bullying was to take place online and spoke about taking screenshots/grabs. We spoke about the importance of doing this as having evidence as sometimes things that take place online can be removed and can no longer be seen. 

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. In year 6, we started the morning with a lovely video of Ant and Dec introducing World Mental Health Day to us and explaining how important it is for us to talk to people if we are feeling low or worried. 
We then completed an activity sorting behaviours into three distinct categories: mental health, physical health or both. 

PANTS rules.

In PSHE, the children in year 6 have been recapping the PANTS rules which help keep us all safe.
The children remembered the rules from their previous learning really well and could talk about how they helped to keep people safe.
As part of this lesson, we looked at a number of different scenarios in small groups. For each scenario the children had to discuss which PANTS rule was being broken, and what the character could say or do next.
The children were all very sensible and gave very good advice to each of the characters and knew exactly what should be done to help them in each scenario.

Online Relationships

In our online safety lesson this term we discussed online relationships and what is and is not appropriate to share online. 
We had lots of interesting discussions about what is and is not suitable to be shared online. The children said that nothing should be shared that contains personal information, photographs with uniform or photographs without permission. 
The children then had to write a letter as an ‘Agony Aunt’ in response to a child with a problem who was seeking advice.