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Anti-Bullying week

Throughout Anti-Bullying week, Year 6 started each morning with a check-in question. 
Monday: How can we make a noise about bullying? 
-speaking out
-talking to a trusted adult
Tuesday: What does school already do to help stop bullying and ensure all children are safe and happy?
-behaviour system
-time out spaces like the sensory room
-communicating with parents
-having appropriate consequences in place
Wednesday: Who are the people in school who can help us to reduce and respond to bullying? 
-headteacher or deputy head
Thursday: What kind words have been said to you this week?
-thank you
-love you
-you are a good friend
-you are really good at that
-I have missed you
Friday: What have you learned this week?
-it is best to speak up if something upsets you
-you should take a screenshot of something online to show a trusted adult
-tell a trusted adult if you are worried or unhappy about something 
We also had our online safety lesson during this week. This lesson was all about what we could do if bullying was to take place online and spoke about taking screenshots/grabs. We spoke about the importance of doing this as having evidence as sometimes things that take place online can be removed and can no longer be seen. 


In computing so far this year the children have been receiving computing lessons based around technology in our lives. We have looked at how computers are connected and communicate with each other, including exploring how they communicate via packets. 
Our most recent lesson involved the children working together in pairs. The children used 2write on Purple Mash to create a document together. This meant that both children could see, access and edit the document at the same time on their separate laptops so were able to work collaboratively. We learned that this was possible because the computers were communicating though the network that they were connected to.

Completing our final products

Eagles have been through the process of designing  and making the exterior of their night lights, today Eagles worked carefully to understand and use electrical systems in their products . To make their night lights work they first connected up their Crumble Microcontrollers

They then had to apply their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control their products. 


They did this buy writing their own code using the Crumble software and loading it onto the Micro-Controller. Notice their use of repetition, careful sequencing of instructions and inputting the correct variable. 

To ensure their product was working as desired they tested it in a dark room.


Interested in Crumble Micro-controllers? Click here for their official website



DT Project

Year 6 have started a brand new DT project this term. The children are working in small groups to design and make their very own night lights. So far, the children have looked at a set of code for a nightlight and discussed what it makes the light do and have designed what they want their night lights to look like. They are super excited to start making them! 

Online Relationships

In our online safety lesson this term we discussed online relationships and what is and is not appropriate to share online. 
We had lots of interesting discussions about what is and is not suitable to be shared online. The children said that nothing should be shared that contains personal information, photographs with uniform or photographs without permission. 
The children then had to write a letter as an ‘Agony Aunt’ in response to a child with a problem who was seeking advice. 

~Online Fraud

In PSHE recently Year 6 have been exploring online fraud. Over a series of two lessons the children looked at different types of online fraud, decided whether scenarios were likely to be online fraud and even had a go at sporting some fake emails and websites! The children were all very good at this and definitely know what to look out for!