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During Anti-Bullying week Year 6 took part in lots of different check-ins and activities. We discussed who we could go to for support if we felt bullying was taking place, what kind words had been said to us during the week and more!

We also took part in a special anti-bullying live lesson and a Children in Need mood booster! This was a great way to end such an important week.

Safer Internet Day

In computing, Year 6 completed their online safety lesson for this term. The lesson was all about copyright and ownership. The children started off watching a video where they were given different scenarios and they had to discuss whether the actions of people were right or wrong. Miss Edwards then demonstrated how to use Google to make an advanced search where you can specify that you only want results which are free to use and share. The final activity for the children to do was then to decide whether a series of statements about online content was true or false.

Using Scratch

In computing today the children have been using Scratch to create and play their own musical sequences. The children had to begin by creating a piano where each coloured key would play a different note. They then used this piano to play well-known songs such as Twinkle Twinkle.

Once the children had achieved this, they had to figure out how to get the song to play on its own with the click of one button. The children had so much fun experimenting and making the program their own!