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Professor McGinty time travels back to World War


This week Year 6 were visited by the fabulous historian (time travel detective) – Professor McGinty.

As always he had the children in stitches but they also learnt a great deal about both World wars. They were able to demonstrate their already vast knowledge of this particular period in time, as well as enhancing their learning by focusing on such areas as:
Evacuation, Rationing, Make-do-and-mend and weaponry. The children are now applying their extensive knowledge to their writing in both English and Humanities.

World War 1


Year 6 have started to look at WWI in English. They have already learnt all about how it started and focused on various famous soldiers such as Walter Tull and Harry Patch. The children have shown a real interest in the subject. This week after lots of research, four children took the role of ‘Walter’ himself and answered questions asked by the rest of the class in order to find out more about his life and achievements. They are now writing diary entries and letters as the voice of Walter Tull and Harry Patch.

Around the World in 80 days


Year 6 have just started their new Spring Term topic ‘Around the World in 80 days’. Before half term Mrs Knipe came in to tell the children all about her travels. They learnt all about the adventures Mrs Knipe has had travelling all over the world with her husband. She also told them some fascinating facts about the many countries she has visited.

Following that, the children have started to read The Conch Bearer. It is a magical story about a boy’s adventures when he discovers a very special conch shell. They are learning all about India and designing their own travel brochures using the netbooks.

Selling poppies


Year 6 have been busy this week selling poppy related products on behalf of the British legion. The children got a chance to purchase: pencil crayons, snap band rulers, bracelets and lots of other cool items. Today was our busiest day; they can hardly lift the collection tin for all the coins children have kindly donated.


Professor McGinty performs about World War


This week the children in Year 6 Eagles have been lucky enough to have a visit from Professor McGinty.

He came to talk to us about World War I and II. He put on a fabulous show and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. They learnt even more about life in the war for soldiers and their families. They also learnt all about rationing, shelters, and what school life was like. (School children having to carry on with their studies underground while the bombs were being dropped didn’t impress them at all! )

The professor bought along many artefacts such as guns (you can imagine how impressed the boys were!) old coins and gas masks. Faith and Gibril were chosen to dress up in authentic WWII costumes, and Ben got to wear a real gas mask (made in 1939 – 3 years before the Second World actually started). Here are a few of the photos we took:

Recording their war poems


As we previously mentioned, it was National Poetry day earlier this week – and today Year 6 worked in small groups to practice and record the war poems they completed on Monday. They were concentrating on projecting their voice and varying the tone and intonation used in their poems. They really enjoyed filming themselves and were able to offer constructive criticism to each other to improve their performance.

World War: Life of the soldiers


Year 6 have been studying WW1 and WW11 in their English lessons, as well as in their History lessons. We have shared and discussed lots of information about life for the soldiers fighting in both wars, and they are now using all their newly-acquired knowledge to write fabulous pieces such as diaries and letters.

Below is a link to BBC iPlayer. It contains the Michael Morpurgo’s novel ‘Private Peaceful’. This is a wonderful chance for the children to immerse themselves even further into the topic. Perhaps you could encourage them to do so. There are 13 episodes for the children to enjoy!

The effects of both World Wars


As you know Year 6 have been studying the topic ‘What the 20th Century has done for us’ and part of that has involved looking at the effects of both World Wars on people, especially children.

Mrs Croft was over-whelmed when Phoebe brought in the most amazing personal treasures that belong to her family. Her Great Granddad took part in the war and we were able to see a wonderful collection of photographs, medals and love letters that he sent to his sweetheart. (Mrs Croft said it caused more than one teacher to shed a tear).

It enabled the children to see ‘real’ artefacts and caused quite a stir in the classroom. On behalf of Year 6 (especially me) we would like to say a huge thank you for making our topic ‘come alive’ and for sharing such beautiful treasures with us.

Take a look at some of the photos we took.