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World War Two

This week saw Year 6’s final lesson of their World War Two topic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and were sad to see it come to an end.
In this lesson we looked at what events occurred leading up to end of the war and considered why Germany surrendered. We used play-dough and a map to show where different countries fought and invaded. This helped the children understand some of the events that occurred and the reasons for them.

Walter Tull

Back in October the children started to study Walter Tull for Black History Month. Walter Tull was a professional footballer and fought as a soldier in World War One. The children loved learning about him! We started by reading a book which was a scrapbook of his life. We then completed some online research, created a timeline of his life and then finally the children created a double-page spread to show what they had learnt about him. They have taken a while to complete but are now finished and looking amazing!

Maya Civilisation

To end our history unit on the Maya Civilisation, we looked at the possible theories regarding the civilisation’s decline. It was clear to us that there are so many theories as to why it declined, but no one actually knows for sure the real reason why. Working in small groups, the children took on the role of arguing why it may have been due to a particular theory. For example, we had Professor Poor Soil in one group and Dr Drought in another.

World War Two

Recently Year 6 have started their history topic on World War Two. The children are already very engrossed in this topic and cannot wait to learn more! In their first couple of lessons they have learnt why the Second World War started and all about propaganda posters.

World War Two Recounts

Evie and Kennie both came into school this week with something to share with the class.

Evie had a lovely recount that her great grandad had written about his experience in the war and she confidently read this aloud to the class.

Kennie shared photographs of his great grandad who was in the war, as well as photographs of French money and ration books.

Thank you both for sharing those things with us!

Baking a rationing recipe!

After a very long wait year 6 finally were able to create their rationing recipe – honey cakes! The children had previously planned for these cakes and considered the ingredients and equipment that would be needed.

The children had to work in small groups to measure, weigh and mix the ingredients together before kneading the mixture and creating small honey cakes. The children then waited for their cakes to bake and filled out their evaluation forms. Once they had finished, the children tasted their cakes and evaluated the flavour and texture. They then tasted modern day Madeira cake and compared it to the rationing recipe.

History Man visit

Earlier this week, the children had a visit from the History Man who told them about World War II. The children learnt an awful lot but could also answer lots of his questions after studying the topic for a whole term. They learnt all about the end of WWI, why WWII started and interesting facts about what equipment/objects were used during the war.

After being shown and told about lots of different objects from that period of time, the children were given the opportunity to explore all of it themselves. This even included weapons from the war as well as an air-raid siren!

The children had a fabulous afternoon and really did love exploring all of the stuff.

Professor McGinty time travels back to World War


This week Year 6 were visited by the fabulous historian (time travel detective) – Professor McGinty.

As always he had the children in stitches but they also learnt a great deal about both World wars. They were able to demonstrate their already vast knowledge of this particular period in time, as well as enhancing their learning by focusing on such areas as:
Evacuation, Rationing, Make-do-and-mend and weaponry. The children are now applying their extensive knowledge to their writing in both English and Humanities.

World War 1


Year 6 have started to look at WWI in English. They have already learnt all about how it started and focused on various famous soldiers such as Walter Tull and Harry Patch. The children have shown a real interest in the subject. This week after lots of research, four children took the role of ‘Walter’ himself and answered questions asked by the rest of the class in order to find out more about his life and achievements. They are now writing diary entries and letters as the voice of Walter Tull and Harry Patch.