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Inferences with evidence

Year 6 have started making inferences in guided reading and have been practising backing up their inferences with evidence. Today we looked at the picture book ‘Small Things’ and made inferences about the characters and the way they were feeling. This book is a wordless picture book so it is really useful to make inferences in order to understand what is happening throughout the story.

The Highwayman Poem

Year 6 have recently finished their writing unit based on The Highwayman Poem. Throughout the unit, the children have been spending time learning the words of the poem. Here you can watch the children performing it.

The Island

After reading The Island this week in English, the children completed a conscience alley. A child walked down the alley and the other children on either side had to give reasons for and against letting the man stay on the island. Once they had walked through the alley, the children then had to share their final decision after hearing lots of different opinions.


Map Skills

Year 6 are looking at map skills in geography. Their first lesson has been all about map symbols. The children’s main task was to write a short story about a journey exchanging some of the words for map symbols. The children had lots of fun and came up with some really imaginative stories!