To kick off their new topic in science, Year 6 looked at the composition of blood. As part of this lesson, they had a go at making their own models of blood using different objects to represent different things. Inside of this jar we have red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma and haemoglobin. 
Did you know that it is the substance called haemoglobin that gives your blood it’s red colour?  

~Online Fraud

In PSHE recently Year 6 have been exploring online fraud. Over a series of two lessons the children looked at different types of online fraud, decided whether scenarios were likely to be online fraud and even had a go at sporting some fake emails and websites! The children were all very good at this and definitely know what to look out for! 

Music and Me

Throughout the Summer term, since the children finished their SATs papers, they have all been working on their very own ‘Music and Me’ projects. The children have put themselves into small groups to work together to create their very own pieces of music that represent identity. So far, the children have worked on deciding their topics/themes within the overall theme and writing the lyrics for their pieces of music. Stay posted to see the final pieces of music that they create very soon!