Year 6 were set a homework task over the half term to create a treasure map. This was a task set f9llowing on from their recent geography lessons. Their map was required to demonstrate the different elements of maps that they have learnt. For example, map symbols, a key and grid references. Below you can see just a selection of the amazing pieces that were created!

Music and Me

Year 6’s music theme this term is ‘Music and Me’. This unit of work is all about identity. The children are working in small groups to compose their own piece of music all about identity. Some of our groups are singing; some are rapping! I can’t wait to hear the finished pieces.


Year 6 have really been enjoying their geography lessons. In today’s lesson we looked at how height can be shown on a map. The children used potatoes to represent a hill and drew their own contour lines onto them.



Map Skills

Year 6 are looking at map skills in geography. Their first lesson has been all about map symbols. The children’s main task was to write a short story about a journey exchanging some of the words for map symbols. The children had lots of fun and came up with some really imaginative stories!

Kensuke’s Kingdom

In English this week we are working towards writing our own newspaper reports based on Kensuke’s Kingdom. We started the week by looking at an example newspaper report. The children were given the report cut up into its different paragraphs and they had to figure out which order they went in to recreate the article.

Well Done Y6!

To celebrate completing their final SATs paper of the week, Year 6 partied around the school and onto the field. They then enjoyed a dance and sing-a-long to some of their favourite party songs. All of the children have worked so incredibly hard this week and they should be super proud of themselves! This celebration truly was well deserved. Well done Year 6!!

Maya Civilisation

To end our history unit on the Maya Civilisation, we looked at the possible theories regarding the civilisation’s decline. It was clear to us that there are so many theories as to why it declined, but no one actually knows for sure the real reason why. Working in small groups, the children took on the role of arguing why it may have been due to a particular theory. For example, we had Professor Poor Soil in one group and Dr Drought in another.


This week in PE we have been plotting our routes in preparation for completing our school orienteering course.
We have also been practising our digging and setting in volleyball.