Wartime Cooking

Year 6 have had their DT day this week where they were able to make their wartime inspired vegetable turnovers. The children had a fantastic day and showcased some brilliant skills.
They had to measure out the ingredients for their pastry before getting their hands dirty and making it from scratch! They were chopping and peeling vegetables, boiling vegetables and draining them. They then seasoned their vegetables before putting their mixtures onto the pastry to create their desired shape.
They came out really well and the children loved tasting them!

Using Scratch

In computing today the children have been using Scratch to create and play their own musical sequences. The children had to begin by creating a piano where each coloured key would play a different note. They then used this piano to play well-known songs such as Twinkle Twinkle.

Once the children had achieved this, they had to figure out how to get the song to play on its own with the click of one button. The children had so much fun experimenting and making the program their own!

Taking Risks

In PSHE this week we have been discussing risks. We started by talking about what risks are and how risks can have consequences but not always, sometimes they can end positively. The children then shared a few examples of risks that they had taken recently and the outcome that came from them. The children brought up the idea that people often complete risks because of influences from others and peer-pressure which led us on to talking about how we can deal with pressure like that. Finally, we had a discussion about risk-taking online and if they feel there is as much peer-pressure online. Interestingly, lots of the children felt as though there wasn’t as much pressure online and it was easier to say no because you didn’t have that physical interaction with people.

Our Opinions

In RE, Year 6 had to complete a short bit of role-play. The children all had a different part to play. Once this had been completed, we discussed how it felt to argue about different things, particularly things we don’t understand.
We came to the conclusion that trying to control a situation like this would actually be quite a stressful experience. The main message that the children learnt from this was that everybody is entitled to their own beliefs/opinions/views. We do not all have to agree with each other – it is acceptable to disagree with people.

DT Taste Testing

Year 6 kicked off their DT topic this week with some taste testing! The children had to taste some homemade vegetable pasties and then give their opinions. They also had to think about what ingredients were used and how it might have been cooked. The children really enjoyed themselves and loved their afternoon snack!