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Geometry: Properties of quadrilaterals

Year 6 have started their unit of work on Geometry and today spent time exploring the properties of quadrilaterals, in preparation for problem solving over the next few days. They learned that it was often as important to be able to describe what properties quadrilaterals do not have (e.g., kites have no parallel edges) as it is to describe what properties they do have, in order to distinguish between them.

Problem solving using multiplication and division

Year 6 have been applying their understanding of multiplication and division to solve a variety of problems this week. During the lesson the children showed excellent teamwork and critical thinking – supporting and challenging one another throughout. Mr Johnston’s group unanimously decided that Kian’s method (in pink) was far better than Mr Johnston’s (in blue). It’s brilliant seeing the clear lines of thought the children are developing – especially when they’re better than their teacher’s!

Theme Park Maths

This week Year 6 have started a super new project called ‘Theme Park Maths’. It’s a stimulating project that develops the childrens’ critical thinking and creative thinking skills; both of which are behaviours for learning here at Bells Farm. The children were put into small groups and had to work collaboratively to make decisions and design their own theme park. This helped to strengthen their ability to work as a team, and encouraged them to use a range of mathematical and literacy skills. It was also a lot of fun!

Algebra style maths quiz in Scratch

Year 6 have continued their understanding of Scratch and started to create a maths quiz with algebra by setting values for a and b. The questions are then generated automatically from the a and b values.

Today, Eagles used ‘pick random number’, ‘set value to’ blocks in their program so the user is prompted with random questions.

Mya and Cody showed the rest of the class some useful tips on how to program their quizzes.

We’ll have the completed quizzes by the end of the week.

Our completed Scratch maths quizzes

Year 6 Eagles have today completed their maths quizzes in Scratch. They continued to use the ‘If Else’ blocks and variable data blocks to program their quizzes which included a number of maths related questions.

The variable in the game was a scorecard to add a point for each correctly answered question, and takeaway a point for incorrect answers.

Here are some examples of the children’s work below. Let us know what you think.







Creating a Maths quiz game


Eagles class have continued with their Computing lessons today creating a Maths quiz game using Scratch.

Mr Whitehouse from Samsung Digital Academy spent the afternoon with the children building the quiz explaining repetition, debugging and algorithms.

The children were told to add 10 questions to their quiz using different Maths question and answers. They then tried each others games to see if the games worked well.

Thank you to Mr Whitehouse for today’s lesson.

Designing a theme park



Now that SATS are over Year 6 are keeping up their Maths practice by designing a Theme Park. They have a set spending limit and must design and draw their park adding all the relevant items a theme park would have. There are a wide variety of rides to choose from and the children are making sure they add other items such as paths and cafes to enhance their park.

They are using their maths knowledge to keep a running total of their expenditure and making sure they do not go over budget.

It’s a fabulous opportunity to use their skills and to also find out if we have any budding accountants at bells Farm!