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Video: 60-second film all about smart meters

Year 6 Eagles class have produced 60-second films all about smart meters.

The nationwide competition, orgainised by EON was setup to encourage primary and secondary school pupils to think about smart meters in a fun and engaging way.

Pupils were being encouraged to write, produce and record a 60-second film all about smart meters, including information about what they are, the benefits they can bring and how they can help consumers use less energy and save money on their energy bills.

All Eagles class produced their own films, below are two examples.

Leo, Joshua B and Sahara

Chloe, Lola and Dharma


Year 6 have started their PSHE topic about Gangs.

As part of their discussion they evaluated what gangs are and the types of gangs they think this topic will revolve around.

Thinking about the types of people that are the children considered people that they value and the reasons why they are valued so highly:

Discussing our value word ‘Thoughtfulness’

Building on our value word for this month “Thoughtfulness” Mrs Butterworth led the class in a discussion about how the children could demonstrate thoughtfulness both in and outside of school. The children generated a range of ideas and considered the positive impact that even very simple actions can have. Mrs Butterworth finished by setting the children a task:

Children have to try an perform at least 12 random acts of kindness before Christmas.
They need to keep a log of what they do, writing a full explanation of each.

For each child that completes the task, Mrs Butterworth and the Year 6 team will perform at least one random act of kindness in the new year.

Anti-Bullying protest

In preparation for today’s protest, Year 6 discussed what an appropriate slogan for Anti-bullying week would be. They came up with the following suggestions:

• Bullying breaks hearts
• Together as one
• Someone is here, don’t fear
• All unique, all special
• We can be strong together
• Together as one, we fly
• We’re better together than apart
• Against bullying
• Don’t label me because I’m different.

Until they finally chose – I’M NOT A LABEL, NOR ARE YOU!

Anti-bullying Week – Labelling People

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, year 6 watched a video about labelling people.

The class all agreed that placing labels on others, including on yourself, has a negative impact and that we shouldn’t use them to judge others.

The conversation then developed into whether it is right to judge others at all.

Two of the children proposed that it is ok to judge others based on their actions and opinions.

Currently, not many support this viewpoint with most suggesting, “We shouldn’t judge others at all,” or, “We can judge others but only in a positive way.”

The debate will continue tomorrow…

Global warming

The children have been very engaged learning about global warming over the past few weeks.

Having identified a range of different factors that directly contribute to global warming, they have started to create a adverts for a ‘smart meter’. The smart meter could enable families to identify how they are using energy and to plan how to use it more efficiently – saving energy and money for the families.

Advantages of being in groups

Year 6 have been looking at the advantages of being involved in a group, such as: Neighbourhood Watch, a church or a mosque.

We discussed how some groups can give us cause for concern and how we can keep ourselves safe and out of danger.

The children also designed an anti-bullying tree and covered the branches in anti-bullying slogans, advice for bullies and acrostic poetry. Take a look at some of the pictures.

Red Cross workshop



Year 6 took part in a fabulous workshop on how to help save lives, run by the Red Cross.

It was full of role play situations and the children got to practice their life saving skills on each other.

They learnt all about the correct procedures to carry out if anyone around them was in danger. Such as: someone with a heavy bleed, a diabetic emergency, a seizure, or a burn. They were also taught how to carry out chest compressions if someone they were with had stopped breathing. They practiced on the Red Cross’s dummy – Annie.

The children have now got some very useful skills that they can use if ever they need to.

Anti-bullying week

Year 6 have had a fabulous week celebrating anti-bullying week. We have come up with 25 ways to be kind to others and answered a letter from an imaginary child called Fred who is being bullied. The children also wrote unkind words (that they have received at some point) onto a paper heart and then screwed the heart up to signify the damage this can do to us inside. We then spent time completing an ‘act of kindness’ to others both inside and outside of school. I was very lucky and received lots of compliments and offers of help! It has been a thoroughly enjoyable week and the children have gained a lot from it.