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Flash-back stories

Year 6 have been planning flash-back stories in English. Children thought creatively and shared ideas to develop excellent characters, focussing on their personality and character traits. While mapping out their stories they made excellent links to previous pieces of writing and could suggest effective techniques to engage the reader.

They focussed heavily on characters’ emotions and the power that this can bring to a piece of writing.

Climate change scripts

Year 6 have built on their learning about climate change an the need to act in an environmentally friendly manner, writing scripts to advertise smart meters.

The children have carefully considered people’s attitudes to environmental matters and saving energy so that they have been able to create adverts that effectively persuade the viewer to change their behaviours and to use a Smart Meter.

Throughout the process they have collaborated brilliantly in small groups and shown tremendous creativity with varied ideas to hook their audience.

Editing our work

Eagles are always looking to improve the quality of their writing to have the greatest impact on the reader. Today we have been working on expanded noun phrases – looking at the essential components of noun, adjective, and prepositional words or phrases. We worked in pairs to discuss which worked well and whether it was possible to have the expanded noun phrase at any other point than the start of the sentence. Kyann’s example shows that this is not only possible but very effective.

Wana checking her spellings

As usual, we work hard at editing our writing – including checking for those all-important spellings. Our new spelling journals are used every day to check that the expected spellings for the year group are all correct. Our learning behaviour of pride ensures that we do not hand in work which we would not be proud of ourselves.

Game developers

In the past few week, Year 6 Eagles have become game developers by planning, developing and then testing their games. The children then designed front covers for their games with an online safety PEGI rating provided for the game.

Once completed, the children started to create front covers for their games including key elements, age rating, description, title and screenshots.

The children had a choice of creating one game, based on the following:

The children have demonstrated their knowledge of both programss. Some chose to create a Scratch game and others decided they’d create a Kodu game.

They have nearly completed their games and front covers, on Friday we will have some examples on our blog here.

Eagles creating their games

Eagles creating their front covers

Acting out ‘The Barrow Quest’

Now SATS are over year 6 are focusing on their writing. They have started a new exciting unit called ‘The Barrow Quest’. So far they have studied the first exciting chapter, focusing on how the author engages us and acted out a series of second chapters as well as chosen their favourite. They will eventually write their on stories based on a quest.

Around the world in 80 days

Mrs Knipe came into our classroom to kick off our new topic – ‘Around the world in 80 days’. She spent the afternoon sharing all her travelling stories. To date, Mrs Knipe has visited over 50 countries, and she prepared a fabulous presentation to share with the children. It was full of photos, fascinating geographical facts and a rather gruesome story involving a fish bone (ask the children to share it with you!)

Writing play scripts


Recently Eagles have been studying play scripts in English lessons. They have looked at a range of plays containing both formal and informal language. The children then wrote their own variation of a play, adding changes to enhance the script. They worked really well as a group and were able to show their performances to each other and offer ways to improve them.